Application of residual current protection device in charging pile

Application of residual current protection device in charging pile

Introduction: As the world's largest consumer of new energy electric vehicles, the rapid development of new energy electric vehicles, as the top priority of electric vehicle charging pile safety issues: that is, whether the electric car charging pile can be avoided during the charging process The accident caused by plugging and unplugging the charging gun can automatically shut off the power after the charging is completed. It can insulate and avoid electric shock during rainy days. This is a problem for many electric vehicle users.

Charging power supplies or charging posts are gradually becoming popular in society and homes. Whether they are used indoors or outdoors, their safety protection must be indispensable. The highest DC voltage can reach 750VDC, and individual lightning protection modules 10/20KA will also be considered. With the emergence of national standards, various products used for safety protection need to be able to better perform overcurrent protection.

Although circuit protection is only a small part of the design in industrial products, it is a very important and critical design, because the protection device or protection product is usually at the entrance, such as the input port of the power supply. Once the protection device has a problem, the entire system It cannot be used in time, so protecting the design's accuracy and efficiency becomes more and more important.

To this end, Xiamen Yingrui Fengte has developed a residual electric protection device dedicated to the charging pile device - the residual current monitor for YRM1 equipment, which can be directly installed on the charging pile and other types of electrical equipment control boards. The dedicated residual current monitoring device can monitor the alternating current and residual current containing DC components in the power equipment such as the charging pile and the subsequent facilities, and provide supplementary protection against personal electric shock. When a ground fault occurs in the system, the signal of the product is output to Other controllable units in the device, the control unit controls other devices to break the fault circuit and issue warnings.

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FPC Connector and Extender

FFC connector is a new type of data cable made of PET insulation material and extremely thin tin-plated flat copper wire, which is pressed by high-tech automation equipment production line. It is soft, bending and folding at will, thin in thickness, small in volume, easy to connect, easy to disassemble and easy to solve electromagnetic shielding (EMI).

FPC Flexible Printed Circuit is a form of Circuit produced on a Flexible surface, which may or may not have an overlay (usually used to protect FPC circuits). FPC is more and more widely used because it can bend, fold or repeat motion in a variety of ways and has the advantages of light, thin and flexible compared with ordinary hard board (PCB).

FPC composition materials

1. Insulating film

The insulating film forms the base layer of the circuit, and the adhesive attaches the copper foil to the insulating layer. In a multilayer design, it is then bonded to the inner layer.

They have also been used as a protective cover, in order to make circuit from dust and damp, and the ability to reduce stress during bending, copper foil to form the conductive layer. In some flexible circuits, adopted by the aluminum or stainless steel formed by the rigid member, they can provide the size stability, provides a physical support components and resettlement of the wire, as well as the release of stress.

2, the conductor

Copper foil is suitable for use in flexible circuits, it can use the electric deposition (Electrodeposited, ED.), or plating system.

3. Adhesive

In addition to being used for bonding insulating films to conductive materials, adhesives can also be used as cladding, protective coating, and cladding. The main difference between the two is in the application in which the covering layer is bonded to the covering insulating film in order to form a laminated structure of the circuit.

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