China's first metallurgical polycrystalline silicon 1MW photovoltaic power station completed

On September 12th, 2010, in the northwestern border of China, the Pearl of Sai Shang, Taiyangshan of Ningxia, and Shanghai Pronova Energy Co., Ltd. held a ceremony to complete the construction of a 1MW polycrystalline cell photovoltaic power station using all metallurgical polysilicon.

The solar power 1MW polycrystalline cell photovoltaic power station in Shanghai Puro is part of the solar power 10MW photovoltaic power station in Ningxia Power Generation Group. The power plant is China's first multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic power plant made of metallurgical polysilicon (Ningxia Power Generation Group has previously been connected to the network of metallurgical polysilicon 9MW power plants, are pulled into a single crystal made after the battery The polysilicon materials used in PV cell modules in power stations are all produced using the metallurgical polysilicon purification process of Shanghai Pronova Energy Co., Ltd. The power station tracking system adopts a multi-support linkage system designed by Shanghai Puro independently. The structure is simple, and the cost is low and effective. After testing, the system can generate more than 20% more power than the fixed bracket. The power generation control system adopts the maximum developed by Puro Corporation. The Power Point Tracking System (MPPT system) can increase power generation by about 15% under the same power generation components. As of September 10, 2010, the highest daily power generation has reached 6,600 kWh.

At present, Puro Corporation is in the process of commissioning multiple MPPT systems. After the MPPT system is commissioned, it is expected that the maximum daily power generation can reach 8000 degrees, and the annual power generation is expected to exceed 2 million degrees. Power plants from the civil engineering, machinery, photovoltaic components, power generation control systems to power transmission and distribution systems are designed, manufactured, and self-built by Shanghai Pro-New Energy Co., Ltd. The many technologies used by Puro at this power station are internationally pioneered. The successful operation of the power plant not only provided precious first-hand information for the production and manufacturing of polysilicon, but also provided valuable services for downstream users of the photovoltaic industry and power plant operators. Lessons learned. The successful operation of this power plant indicates that the production and application level of polysilicon in China's metallurgical process has already ranked among the top in the world.

Mr. Wang Shunxiang, Deputy General Manager of Ningxia Power Generation Group, Mr. Sheng Zhilin, General Manager of Solar Energy Division of Ningxia Power Generation Group, Mr. Li Baogang, General Manager of Ningxia Power Generation Solar Power Company, Director of Technology Market Management Office of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Zhao Wenliang, attended the ceremony. Director Zhou Qiang, Industrial Economic Zone, Shanghai Municipal Committee, Director Wu Jun, Gaoxin Office of Pudong New Area Science and Technology Commission, Mr. Qi Zhizhong, General Manager of Nanhui Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, Mr. Wei Guangpu, Director of the Photovoltaic Committee of Shanghai New Energy Association, Secretary of the County Committee of Pei County, Jiangsu Province Mr. Feng Xingzhen, the county governor, Shen Xuelin, Mayor of Tianchuang Center, Jiashan, Zhejiang, and other relevant government departments, and the partners of the company. The delegates watched the operation and power generation of the company's photovoltaic power plant on the spot.

Shanghai Pronew Energy Co., Ltd. is a provider of comprehensive solutions for solar grade polysilicon equipment, manufacturing processes and materials for the photovoltaic industry chain. The company's independently developed metallurgical solar-grade polysilicon manufacturing process is currently the world's lowest-energy and completely pollution-free polysilicon production technology. Related technologies have applied for more than 20 patents, and successfully developed the international advanced metallurgical polysilicon purification equipment, has been put into large-scale production.

At present, Shanghai Poly's metallurgical polysilicon production capacity has reached an annual output of 1,000 tons / year, by the end of 2010, will reach 2,000 tons / year scale. The RDS 4.0 metallurgical polysilicon refining ingot furnace developed by Puro, with a single furnace output of 1,800 kilograms, is four times the current international brand-name manufacturers and ranks first in the world. The smooth operation of the furnace symbolizes that China's polysilicon equipment has leapt to the leading international level.

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