Circuit diagram of LCD frequency display recorder

Circuit diagram of LCD frequency display recorder

As a mobile advertising display, Vehicle LED Display has precise advertising positioning and is widely used in public transport, taxis, case trains and family cars. It is widely used in outdoor image advertisement, information publication, activity advertisement, mobile background stage, information media and live broadcast of events, etc. its products are effective and flexible and widely used.

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Features of Vehicle Led Display:

1. There is a unified operation background. Through GPS, you can know the specific location of each on-board screen. GPRS wireless replacement product content can play all the specified content partially. The above operations can be realized by computer and mobile phone

2. Mobile advertising has stronger communication and better effect. For vehicle mounted display screen, it has been in a state of motion, and advertising information has been more widely spread, with stronger communication ability and larger coverage area than fixed platform.

3. Vehicle Led Display adopts high brightness LED lamp beads, which can be seen clearly in the sun. The product has UV resistance in the sun, and the protection level reaches IP65, which is suitable for all-weather playback.

4. Ultra thin design of the product, allowing disassembly and assembly, reducing the space occupied in the car

5. Product module design, reliable and stable performance, power supply, system card, separate device, more stable product, more convenient maintenance

6. Led vehicle screen with GPS function can accurately know the screen position and operation status, including vehicle speed, driving direction, alarm status, etc.

7. Vehicle LED Display add brick and tile to the bright urban environment and become a beautiful scenic spot.

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Original title of structure:

1. The screen adopts wide voltage, which can be applied to any vehicle in any occasion.

2. Single box design, according to customer requirements, can be iron box, can be aluminum box.

3. The system adopts group network function, which can control all vehicle screens individually. Even if the screen body is not in the same city, it can send specified and information through GPRS.

4. The screen body has an understanding of the lifting device, and the height can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements.

Vehicle LED Display

Vehicle LED Display

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