Comprehensive analysis of LED lighting design ideas

After the invention of light-emitting diodes ( LEDs ) in 1962, most of the initial applications were concentrated on instrument display applications, and then gradually extended to 3C backlights and lighting. With the increasing application field and scale of the market, in recent years, LED has made more rapid progress in various manufacturing and material technologies than in the past. The design of LED indoor lamps is more and more related to the future development of the industry. .

First, the needs of indoor lighting and the use of lamps

Humans have invented incandescent lamps for hundreds of years. They have a deep understanding of the functional requirements of lighting, lighting forms, types of lighting objects, and lighting scenes, as well as many different lamps. Generally speaking, according to the different illuminants, it can be divided into four stages: petrochemical fuel stage, tungsten lamp stage, fluorescent lamp stage and LED lamp stage.

From the above-mentioned luminaire styles and performances, it can be seen that each revolution of the light source will lead to huge changes in the way of use, habits, and new range and method of use.

Second, the different angles of the design

So how should we make the LED lighting design reach its height, so that in addition to the price, the public can believe that LED lighting products can provide a more enjoyable life? First of all, there will be no major changes in the principle of some lighting, and still have great reference value.

Human lighting needs generally include four aspects: site lighting, object lighting, context lighting, indicating and guiding lighting, and are divided into flat light type, line light type, light projection type and concentrated type according to the different objects. In addition, sometimes people need light to directly illuminate the object or the illuminated surface, and the illumination and contrast of the object are high. This is called direct irradiation. Sometimes it is necessary to illuminate a surface first and then reflect it to an object or surface that needs to be illuminated. This is called indirect illumination. This type of light is usually softer and the range of diffusion is wider. Designers need to design different products according to different lighting needs.

LED street lamp refers to the street lamp made with LED light source, which has the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response speed, high color rendering index, and is of great significance to urban lighting energy saving.

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