Emergency lighting for high-rise building fire codes

1. Emergency lighting should be provided in the following parts of high-rise buildings: Stairwell, smoke front stairwell front room, fire elevator room and front room, combined front room and refuge floor (between). Distribution room, fire control room, fire pump room, smoke and smoke machine room, battery room for fire and electricity, self-supplied

Motor room, telephone main room, and other rooms that still need to work when a fire breaks out. Intensive venues such as auditoriums, exhibition halls, multi-purpose halls, restaurants and commercial offices. Evacuation walkways in public buildings and inner walkways with walkways longer than 20 m in residential buildings.

1.2.2 For emergency lighting for evacuation, the minimum ground illumination should not be lower than 0.51x. Emergency lighting for fire control room, fire pump room, smoke and smoke exhaust machine room, power distribution room and self-supplied generator room, telephone main engine room and other rooms that still need to work in the event of fire, should still ensure the illumination of normal lighting.

1.2.3 In addition to the second type of residential buildings, evacuation walkways and safety exits of high-rise buildings shall be provided with light evacuation indication signs.

1.2.4 Evacuation emergency lighting should be located on the wall or ceiling. The safety exit sign should be located at the top of the exit; the sign of the evacuation walkway should be located on the wall of the evacuation walkway and its corner below 1.00m below the ground. The spacing of the walkway evacuation sign lights should not be greater than 20m.

1.2.5 Emergency lighting and light evacuation indication signs shall be provided with protective covers made of glass or other non-combustible materials.

1.2.6 Emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs, batteries can be used as backup power supply, and the continuous power supply time should not be less than 20min; the continuous power supply time of high-rise buildings with a height exceeding 100m should not be less than 30min.

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