Exploring Dongguan's "Smart City": Street lights have also become "smart"

"smart" street light

More than 1,500 street lights on Wanchang Road have become smarter. The careful driver found that after 11 pm, when the traffic and people flow on the road gradually decreased, the street lights on both sides of the road would start to turn from bright to dark, saving energy.

Guanchang Road is one of the important traffic routes in the city, with more than 1,500 street lamps.

It is understood that these street lamps have been controlled by time for many years, and the workflow of “turning on the lights to turning off the lights” is implemented. Sometimes, the sky is not dark in the evening, the street lights are on, and the morning is bright, the street lights are still "Standing on the post", wasting energy.

However, since the second half of last year, careful drivers can find that these street lights have become smart. For example, after 11 o'clock in the evening, the traffic flow and the flow of people will gradually decrease. The street lights on both sides of the road will start to change. The street lights will turn from bright to dark, and the soft lights will make the night quiet and peaceful.

“These street lights are more 'smarter than ever.” Xu Xin, marketing director of Rongwen Group, said that the street lights of Guanchang Road have been implemented with energy-saving renovations, using the most advanced Internet of Things technology, according to latitude and longitude, climate, light and other factors. Through the smart chip installed in the street lamp, each street lamp is finely controlled to realize flexible opening and closing, dimming, fault warning, and ensuring the quality of lighting while maximizing energy conservation.

Xu Xin told reporters that the use of Internet of Things technology to transform street lamps is a practical example of practicing the concept of “smart city”.

Last year, the city also had some projects on the practical use of IoT technology. For example, Dongguan Pama Smart Parking Service Co., Ltd. and China Telecom Dongguan Branch signed an agreement to install sensors in each parking space of the city planning, and use the information management platform developed by the company to form all the detectable parking spaces into a sensor network. .

According to Cheng Luzhen, general manager of Pama, Pama plans to install sensors on the 60,000 temporary road parking spaces planned by the Dongguan government. They are applying to the relevant departments to build a city smart parking data center. As long as a sensor is installed in each parking space and the specific software is downloaded, the parking space can be grasped in time through tools such as a computer or a mobile phone.

"For example, if a citizen wants to eat at Yinfeng Road in Nancheng, he can instantly check the parking status of Yinfeng Road through his mobile phone. If there is no extra parking space, the public can choose to park in the surrounding parking space," Cheng Luzhen said.

In addition, as a key port for development in Dongguan, Humen Port has also taken the lead in trying the application of Internet of Things technology. According to Yang Shugang, general manager of the RFID department of Yishili Technology Co., Ltd., there is a one-kilometer section of the port boulevard between Humen Port No. 5 and No. 6 berth. This section of the road is a municipal road, that is, the non-passenger vehicles cannot be restricted. The road passed.

“The Customs encountered a problem at the time. If other cars can pass through this avenue, the container is secretly placed in other goods during the period. It is not easy to smuggle. But if you want to build a special viaduct, you have to invest 60 million yuan.” Shugang said that the electronic supervision channel solves this problem. When the goods enter the berth, the RFID tag is added, and a certain number of base stations are set up along the way. Each base station can feedback the RFID radio frequency information in time. If the container is opened, even the goods are received during the period. The bumps are destroyed and can be monitored by the customs base station. This design makes it impossible to smuggle.

In addition, it is understood that the Dongguan IoT Industry Base, which has been established, will be based on the existing IoT Innovation Center and IoT Enterprise, and realize the layout of “one base, one platform, one center and three application parks”. Specifically, to build the Songshan Lake Internet of Things innovation industry base, build the Songshan Lake Internet of Things public operation service platform, build a smart manufacturing application center, build a smart port logistics application park, a smart land logistics application park and a smart digital park, and focus on Implementation of Humen Port·Changping Smart Logistics Demonstration Project, Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Project, Digital Songshan Lake Smart Park Demonstration Project, Internet of Things Core Technology and Equipment Industrialization Project.

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