Expo opening ceremony, Ming Mingli LED luminous ball illuminates the Huangpu River bank

At the opening ceremony of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the pyrotechnic lighting performance illuminated the two sides of the Pujiang River. 6,000 LED lights ran down the river and formed a spectacular and spectacular interpretation of the fireworks in the air. Numerous LED balls perform outdoor lighting performances in a huge water space area of ​​3.4 kilometers long and 400 meters wide.

These LED luminous balls are from LDL-E-ROY-001, a special product of Zhenmingli Group. The diameter of the product is 50cm. It consists of 48 high-brightness red, orange and yellow LEDs, which can change color sequentially, beautiful and elegant, and durable. . The wireless emission controller controls the opening and closing of the luminous ball, and the waterproof level reaches IP67, which is safe and reliable, and consumes less power. A large-capacity dry battery can be used for more than 4 hours.

According to reports, the organizers of the Expo have already salvage the LED luminous balls drifting in the Huangpu River overnight, and after determining the proportion of reservations, donations and auctions, they will select the appropriate institutions to start the auction process and continue to create beautiful scenery for the opening ceremony of the Shanghai World Expo. Expo organizers create greater product value.

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