Eye care expert: ViewSonic new LED debut

Liquid crystal displays have become an indispensable important display device in our daily life. With the LCD entering the LED backlight era, more fashionable designs, thinner appearance, more vivid image quality and more environmentally friendly quality are well known. In response to this trend, the world's leading video technology brand ViewSonic provides consumers with a large number of new LED display products. ViewSonic LED products not only maximize the advantages of the four technologies of “Hyun, Thin, Provincial and Transparency”, but also fully Emphasis is placed on the design of health, environmental protection and individuality. In addition to its superior performance, ViewSonic LED is the intimate "eye protection expert" with the soft backlight of LED and uniform brightness performance, which can fully protect users' vision health.

Compared with the traditional CCFL cold cathode ray tube, the LED light source is softer, so it can effectively alleviate the eye fatigue after long-term use and reduce dryness. In addition, since the LED backlight structure is composed of several tiny light source modules, the performance of the screen brightness uniformity is better than that of the previous backlight system, thereby effectively improving the visual comfort after long-term viewing of the screen, and truly achieving care. The effectiveness of the user's vision health.


The appearance of the ViewSonic LED is very stylish and beautiful. It adopts a narrow bezel design, with a thin body and a black piano lacquered frame, which enhances its superior overall visual experience and exudes elegance. Among them, VX2250w-LED has the classic fashion appearance of Calico series, with the current popular elements, adding a transparent frame of glass crystal texture under the display, crystal clear embellishment makes it look like an elegant crafts placed on the table. .




ViewSonic LED not only has the advantages of eye protection and ultra-clear, but also greatly reduces the power consumption and can achieve better energy saving and emission reduction effects. It is certified by the industry's most stringent RoHS, TCO 5.0 and Energy Star 5.0, and is made of mercury-free materials, which not only saves energy and protects the environment, but also effectively reduces environmental pollution. The VA1601w-LED with mirror screen design consumes only 8W of normal power consumption, and 1 kW can be easily used continuously for about 1 week. The other VX2250w-LED consumes only 16W in power-saving mode, which not only saves electricity, but also significantly extends the working life of the product. ViewSonic LED also supports 3 minutes of no-signal automatic energy-saving shutdown function, and can save energy for you anytime, anywhere, both intimate and worry-free. In addition, ViewSonic's power consumption in standby mode is less than 0.1W, which fully reflects the green design concept.




The slim body and ultra-thin appearance are also one of the features of ViewSonic LED. Thanks to the inherent advantages of LED backlight module, the thinnest part of VX2250w-LED is only 17mm, which is even less than the diameter of a 1 dime coin. At the same time, the slim body is also more suitable for wall hanging applications. In the stylish furniture environment, the simple, ultra-thin body is particularly elegant and fresh, especially in the small living room environment, the 17mm body can save a large desk area and save space.


The excellent performance of high brightness and ultra-high dynamic contrast makes the ViewSonic LED greatly enhance the performance of the screen, and the picture is clear and translucent, making it easy for both eyes to watch. The model represented by VA2038w-LED has a superior dynamic contrast display of up to 10 million:1, which makes the picture layer more transparent and provides stunning image effects. The new generation of ClearMotiv animation clear imaging technology greatly shortens the reaction speed of liquid crystal molecules, improves the dynamic display quality of liquid crystal screens, and achieves high-speed non-scratch video playback effects. At the same time, the ultra-fast response time can also make the dynamic picture completely smooth without delay. With sRGB color correction technology, ViewSonic LED not only makes the color reproduction effect of the picture closer to the original image, but also allows the display and output to achieve consistent color performance, fully solving the color matching problem of professional users, how to see, How comfortable!



At present, a number of ViewSonic LED display products represented by VA1601w-LED, VA2038w-LED and VX2250w-LED have been listed one after another, which will not only bring users a more outstanding visual experience, but also will take care of everyone's eye health. !

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