Fluorine-free refrigerators welcome to reveal the use of fluorine-free refrigerators

In recent years, many manufacturers have introduced non-fluorine refrigerators. The main components of such refrigerators, such as compressors, sealing materials and lubricating oils, are different from ordinary refrigerators. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the following three problems when using a fluorine-free refrigerator: 1 The compressor of the fluorine-free refrigerator is different from the compressor structure of the ordinary refrigerator.

In a DC motor, an armature rotates inside a magnetic field. Basic working principle of DC motor is based on the fact that whenever a current carrying conductor is placed inside a magnetic field, there will be mechanical force experienced by that conductor.

All kinds of DC motors work in this principle only. Hence for constructing a DC motor it is essential to establish a magnetic field. The magnetic field is obviously established by means of magnet. The magnet can by any types i.e. it may be electromagnet or it can be permanent magnet. When permanent magnet is used to create magnetic field in a DC motor, the motor is referred as permanent magnet DC motor or PMDC motor. Have you ever uncovered any battery operated toy, if you did, you had obviously found a battery operated motor inside it. This battery operated motor is nothing but a permanent magnet DC motor or PMDC motor. These types of motor are essentially simple in construction. These motors are commonly used as starter motor in automobiles, windshield wipers, washer, for blowers used in heaters and air conditioners, to raise and lower windows, it also extensively used in toys. As the magnetic field strength of a permanent magnet is fixed it cannot be controlled externally, field control of this type of DC motor cannot be possible. Thus permanent magnet DC motor is used where there is no need of speed control of motor by means of controlling its field. Small fractional and sub fractional KW motors now constructed with permanent magnet.

According to customer request, some designs are with limited space. So brushed dc motors are with different shapes, like Flat DC Motor as following:
flat dc motor
Flat dc motor design also help to reduce the motor noise when it is assembled into a tubular. 
For flat dc motor, we have N10 flat dc motor, N20 flat dc motor, N30 flat dc motor, 030 flat dc motor, 050 flat dc motor, 130 flat dc motr, 180 flat dc motor, 280 flat dc motor etc.
This flat dc motor OD mainly from 12mm to 24.2mm, more than this size we usually made the motor totally round.180 flat dc motor
N10 flat dc motor

Flat DC Motor

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