Healthy diet: 4 types of food with skin to eat easily poisoned

You must have heard that the fruit and vegetable skin is rich in nutrients and active ingredients. Therefore, it is necessary to even eat the fruits and vegetables for the body to absorb. Such eating seems to have taken the "all nutrition" of the food, but some "uneasy molecules" may also be mixed in and eaten together. Potato stewed beef, Di San Xian and other classics

Insulated Cable Terminals of compression,which are produced according to the standard of America, Japan and Germany. They are widely used in many industries, such as machinery, spinning, electric power, railway, shipbuilding, spaceflight and aviation, light industry, household electrical aaliances, computer and complete equipment of automated assmbly, etc. The surface of Insulated Compression Cooper Cable Terminals are tinned T2 copper, which assure the credible conductivity. There is thread in the inner hole of the afterbldy of terminals, the insulation covering is hard and there is no break and no rebound.

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