How lighting companies use limited budgets to exhibit

As we all know, because of the particularity of its products, the lighting industry's effect and quality must be fully reflected in practical applications, so it is not easy to promote through other media, such as online platforms and TV media. The exhibition is an important way for lighting companies to promote, and for lighting companies that focus on foreign markets, international exhibitions have become an important platform for them to go global. At present, there are dozens of exhibitions related to the lighting industry in the world every year, including lighting exhibitions, building materials exhibitions, gift exhibitions, bathroom exhibitions, etc. What are their characteristics? How should lighting companies use their limited budget to effectively exhibit? To this end, the reporter visited Jane, Marketing Manager of Global Markets, which has extensive experience in international exhibitions.

Different lamp shows have different radiation radii

The world's largest lighting exhibitions are mainly in New York, Frankfurt, Italy, Milan, Moscow, Russia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. Although the lighting exhibitions in various countries are under the banner of international exhibitions, in fact most of the exhibitions have only a regional radius of radiation. For example, the International Lighting Fair in New York, mainly radiating North America; the Frankfurt Light Show and the Milan Light Show, mainly radiating the EU region; the main lighting area of ​​Moscow is the former Soviet Union; the lighting exhibition in Dubai, the radius of radiation is the Middle East and Africa region; Hong Kong's international light show, the radiation radius is mainly in the Asia-Pacific region.
Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Different regions will have different requirements for lighting products. It may be necessary for the company to pass relevant certifications. Before the company goes to the exhibition, it must be clearly understood.

Frankfurt exhibition is favored by Chinese lighting companies

The Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Frankfurt Light Show") is held every two years in Frankfurt, Germany. It is one of the world's largest international lighting and lighting trade fairs. The exhibition is well-known among Chinese lighting companies, and many powerful Chinese lighting companies will go to the exhibition, and there has been a situation in which Chinese lighting companies have “get together”. However, because the Frankfurt Light Show is mainly to radiate the EU market, and the requirements of the EU market for products are relatively high, companies must pass relevant certifications such as CE before they can participate.

Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition

According to Jane, attending the Frankfurt Light Show is an endorsement of quality manufacturers. The organizers of the exhibition will conduct strict screenings on exhibitors. If the company has violations, it will be blacklisted and put an end to the unevenness of exhibitors. For each exhibition, the booth will be given priority to the old customers of the previous exhibition to protect the interests of quality exhibitors to the greatest extent.

In addition, the organizers also charge visitors a lot of expensive tickets, which ensures that visitors must have the appropriate qualifications and strengths.


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