Huizhou: LED era street lighting 20,000 street lights 1 minute electricity fee is only 36 yuan

At 10 o'clock in the evening, walking around the streets of the city, I saw two bypass lights on the road emitting bright lights. A little bit of "starlight", according to the night returning people's hearts are warm. The driver is driving under such lighting, the road conditions are clear and safe. Yunshan West Road, Huibo Avenue, Huimin Avenue, Huizhou Bridge, Hesheng Bridge and other street lights are all uniform yellow warm colors, but the lamps are slightly different, some are simple and generous "curved swords", and some are abstract artistic forms, each with its own merits.

It is learned that the Municipal Public Utilities Administration has actively promoted urban green lighting. At present, the renovation of LED street lights in urban areas has been basically completed. After adopting various energy-saving measures, the energy saving and emission reduction of urban lighting in urban areas has been achieved. The monthly estimated electricity saving is about 500,000 yuan, and the annual saving can be more than 6 million yuan.

To replace the light source and control the implementation of energy-saving lighting time <br> <br> Municipal Utilities Authority urban lighting management center business person in charge, Huizhou since the beginning of the 1990s focused on urban lighting energy-saving work, try to use 2001 Energy-saving LED city lighting landscape lights, in 2010 began to use the LED city lighting landscape lights boom. At present, the urban LED streetlight renovation work has been basically completed, and the urban landscape lights under the jurisdiction of the center have all used LED light sources.

With the call of the state, the province and the city, and the strong support, the center has taken a series of measures to improve the urban lighting in the city, not to affect the lighting and landscaping effect. The reporter learned that Huizhou city lighting has experienced several generations, from the incandescent lamps invented by Edison, to mercury lamps, to high-pressure sodium lamps, and now to the current LED lamps.

Careful citizens may also notice that in the roads where traffic is scarce at night on the periphery of the city, only one row of street lights will be illuminated after zero hours and the voltage will drop, reducing power consumption without affecting the safety of pedestrians at night.

"Secondly, work hard on the control time." The person in charge said that according to the three different modes of "normal, ordinary holidays, major holidays", scientifically control the lighting time of urban landscape lights. In normal times, the urban landscape lights do not light except for the night scenery on both sides of the Dongjiang River. The landscape lights on both sides of the Dongjiang River are normally lit; on Friday and Saturday nights, all lights are on until 23:00; on major holidays, all are normally lit and extended to zero. Time.

Lighting lights out time accurate to the second <br> <br> It is understood, Municipal Utilities Authority, in strict accordance with national requirements of energy saving, full use of advanced technology and equipment, and actively play a monitoring center in the city lighting energy saving The role of the city, urban energy saving and consumption reduction work to a new height, so that urban urban lighting energy-saving emission reduction results, monthly savings of about 500,000 yuan in electricity costs, saving more than 6 million yuan a year.

"Five or six years ago, the time error of the light-off time was 5 minutes. The street lamp cost about 100 yuan in one minute and 500 yuan in 5 minutes." The person in charge said that the city lighting central monitoring system was started in 2008, now It has been able to reach the light and light-off time to the second, and the electricity consumption of the 20,000-inch LED street light for 1 minute is only 36 yuan.

According to reports, there are currently 281 urban lighting energy-saving control points and 16 high-altitude video monitoring points in the urban area, which can monitor the scene lighting situation in real time. The urban lighting monitoring system is put into use, real-time monitoring and real-time control of urban lighting and lighting system is realized through intelligent management of technology. The time for turning on and off is accurate to the second, which not only reduces the maintenance cost of urban lighting, but also improves the energy saving level and enhances The emergency response capability of urban lighting.

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