Illumitex announces that its product Artavi has officially launched a market with a luminous flux of 90%

[High-tech LED] Recently, Illumitex announced that its product Artavi has been officially launched. This product is a precision narrow electron beam LED, which generates a 10o narrow beam through an integrated light guide system with a luminous flux of 90%.

Illumitex says Artavi can be used in a wide range of applications in general, entertainment and agricultural lighting. Illumination uniformity and color consistency are achieved, and the product can be used to illuminate the desired position with a sharp cut-off structure.

PCB Application

PCB types can be also seperated according to it`s applications.Such as 3D Printer PCB,computer PCB,LED lighting PCB,automotive PCB,industrial PCB,etc.

Applications of Printed Circuit Boards

1. Lighting Applications

LEDs with aluminum-based printed circuit boards very desirable for a number of applications and industries. 

2. Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are the devices we use daily, such as smartphones or computers. Even the newest models of refrigerators often include electronic components.

3. Medical Devices

For medical applications, a small package is needed to meet the size requirements for an implant or emergency room monitor.So medical PCB tend to be specialty high-density interconnect PCBs, also referred to as HDI PCBs. Medical PCB may also be made with flexible base materials, allowing PCB to flex during use, which can be essential for both internal and external medical devices.

4. Industrial Applications

5. Automotive Applications

6. Aerospace Applications

PCB Application

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