LED energy-saving lamps release new requirements for safety regulations

There are many types of energy-saving lamps on the market, and the technology is more advanced and more environmentally friendly. The data shows that LED energy-saving lamps save 80% energy compared with incandescent lamps and 50% energy saving than fluorescent energy-saving lamps. LED lamps have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and the development of the lighting industry has become a major trend. The obvious advantages of LED energy-saving lamps can be reflected in the following aspects:

1. Low-voltage power supply and low power consumption: Generally speaking, the operating voltage of LED energy-saving lamps is 2 to 3.6V, and the operating current is 0.02 to 0.03A. This means that it consumes no more than 0.1W of electricity;

2. Small size: LED energy-saving lamps are basically a small chip packaged in epoxy resin;

3. Long service life: With the right current and voltage, the service life can reach 100,000 hours, and almost no maintenance is required. In addition, the LED energy-saving lamp has a complete epoxy resin package, which is stronger than the bulb and the fluorescent tube, and there is no loose part in the lamp body, which is not easy to be damaged;

4. High brightness, low heat: incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps for general lighting are cheap, but the light effect is low, and the electricity is consumed in vain due to the thermal effect of the lamps; LED lamps, as lighting lamps, are not only highly efficient but also cold. The light source generates almost no heat consumption;

5. Environmental protection: LED lamps are made of non-toxic materials, unlike mercury-containing fluorescent lamps, which can cause pollution and can be recycled and reused;

6. LED energy-saving lamps also have the characteristics of no flicker, strong applicability, high stability, short response time, etc.

Since the technology and product attributes used in LEDs are quite different from those of conventional lamps, the current general lighting safety standard specifications are clearly not applicable.

Yibo Technology Certification Center (EBO) specially wrote this article to explain the current safety requirements of LED lamps (taking UL standards as an example).

(1) Safety specifications for LED lamps:

With the improvement of technology, the use of LED lamps has been applied to the backlights, interior lighting, brake lights, LCD TVs, laptop backlights, etc. In the past two years, it has become the main lighting system. The scope of application can cover, outdoor, commercial, and home. The products are:

Category (lighting) products

Building garden lights, searchlights, ladder lights, balcony lights, etc.

Outdoor street lights, column lights, etc.

Commercial advertising lighting, display cabinet lighting, etc.

Home ceiling lamps, wall lamps, kitchen cabinet lights, vertical lights, table lamps, etc.

LED light source manufacturing technology is enhanced, application level is widened, and consumer safety is guaranteed. UL has developed UL8750, a safety standard for LED modules and lighting fixtures, to regulate LED lighting products, and was officially released in 2009. This standard is an essential safety regulation for the sale of LED products to North America. It is applicable to all kinds of products with LED as the main light source, including lamps, bulbs, drivers, etc. In addition to safety regulations, LED light source lighting products must be installed in the future. Verification of the special properties of the LED light source and module.

(2) Classification of LED lamps in UL standards:

For the three basic product categories, such as LED lamps, LED bulbs and LED power supplies, when the corresponding products are extended to the finished products or parts, the safety standards and related precautions are different, as follows:

1, LED lamps:

Application product safety standards precautions

Indicator light UL48

Hand-held lights, kitchen cabinet lights, table lights, standing lights, wall lights, etc. (all with power cord plugs) UL153 covers portable luminaires, connected via a plug of the power cord to a branch circuit nominally 120V, 15 or 20A

Christmas light string UL588

Emergency indicator, exit light UL924

Display cabinet, mirror light UL962

Stage light UL1573

Step lights, recessed lights, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, street lamps, column lights, etc. (without power cord plugs) UL1598 covers fixed luminaires, used in non-hazardous areas and installed on branch circuits below 600V.

Night light UL1786

Low-voltage garden light (without power cord plug) UL1838

Water pipe light UL2388

2, LED bulb:

Application product safety standards precautions

Indicator bulb UL496

LED bulb (ANSIBase), including the driver circuit UL1993E27Base is a European standard and cannot be used in the North American market. North American market requires E26Base

LED bulb (non-ANSIBase) with driver circuit UL496

LED module, without drive circuit UL8750

3. LED driver and power supply:

Application product safety standards precautions

Power supply (with LPS safety circuit) UL60950-1 output LPS safety circuit, LED module and LED control module do not need electrical enclosure (Enclosure)

Power supply (without Class 2 safety circuit) UL1012 LED module and LED control module need to provide appropriate electrical enclosure (Enclosure) protection

Power supply (with Class2 safety circuit) UL1310 output Class2 safety circuit, LED module and LED control module do not need electrical enclosure (Enclosure)

Driver (with LPS/Class2 safety circuit) UL935 output LPS/Class2 safety circuit, LED module and LED control module do not need electrical enclosure (Enclosure)

Low voltage garden light power supply UL1838 LED module and LED control module need to provide appropriate electrical enclosure (Enclosure) protection

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