LED explosion-proof lamp market has broad prospects

Thanks to the promotion of petroleum and related industries, explosion-proof lamps will occupy a large market position in mining, petroleum-related industries, military and transportation. According to the Electroni Cast Consultant survey report, the global explosion-proof product market is growing rapidly and demand is rising. In 2014, the global consumption of explosion-proof LED lamps was 160.1 million US dollars. It is estimated that the global output value will expand to 273.4 million US dollars in 2021.

LED explosion-proof lamp market has potential

LED explosion-proof lamps are one of the potential markets under the LED lighting industry. As LED lighting technology is applied in general outdoor places and indoor home lighting has gradually matured, taking the Japanese market with the fastest take-off in the LED lighting market as an example, many companies have seen cutting into high-end industrial LED explosion-proof lamps, representing manufacturers. Such as Star and Motor, Iwasaki Electric. Explosion-proof luminaires are widely used in special working environments such as electrical and dust flammable and explosive, such as petrochemical, chemical, mining, semiconductor, marine, food, pharmaceutical, and paint booths.

LED explosion-proof lamp standard

In July, the National Standards Commission launched three LED explosion-proof lamp standards development plan, aiming at standardizing the market, guiding the industry, and promoting innovation in the fields of intelligent lighting control, application interface specifications and accelerated detection methods for LED explosion-proof lamps through the formulation of technical standards. . In the international arena, the Zhaga Alliance announced the LED explosion-proof lighting engine interface specifications Book7 and Book8. The new energy efficiency standard for LED explosion-proof lamps developed by the European Union was officially implemented in March 2014. The new products of the LED explosion-proof lamps for sale are mandatory to be labeled with energy.

UL explosion-proof LED lamp certification

Recently, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) issued the first explosion-proof LED lamp certification in Greater China to Jiuxin Technology in Taiwan, which means that Taiwanese companies will be able to quickly enter the North American explosion-proof product market, and its business profit is considerable.

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