LED floor tile support makes the stage wonderful

The floor tile screen is also called the stage floor tile LED screen and the T stage LED floor screen. The main application is on the ground with a certain load-bearing and anti-shock function personality LED display products.
Yesterday, Shenzhen Xinyiguang Technology P8.9 floor tile screen passed the customer inspection and successfully exported to Russia. The high-density, high-definition full-color floor tile screen is a novel digital display device customized for the use of the environment in the indoor exhibition hall stage party. It is irreplaceable for the TV stage, bar entertainment and other local decorative application methods. Its powerful motion function creates extraordinary and extraordinary effects.
The P8.9 floor tile screen is made of durable aluminum alloy structure, high wear-resistant resin Mask, full waterproof design, high-strength seismic design, and can be directly crushed by major trucks. The modular and seamless splicing design of a single box body, fully enclosed heat dissipation structure. Make the screen look beautiful. SMDRGB three-color deep gray processing, video synchronization display, unique photoelectric atomization treatment, completely eliminate the moiré phenomenon. The high-resolution soft color display effect makes people not feel dizzy, and completes the perfect combination of the stage imaginary and performance interaction.
First-class technology, and strict quality management to provide users with advanced technology, high quality, beautiful appearance is the purpose of Shenzhen Xinyiguang. P8.9 floor tile screen is one of the special products of Shenzhen Xinyiguang. It can be applied to exhibition halls, stage, party scenes, and can also be made into ceilings, T-station and curved staircase shapes to embellish high-end, extraordinary effects of the atmosphere.

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