Liang Chen said: It took two years, Tage Video is still familiar with the taste

For a long time no television has been opened, and the feeling of opening the TV today is still the original taste, or the familiar interface. With two years of Thai-German video, today suddenly reminded the upgrade, still quite looking forward to.
Buy a TV to watch live, a live broadcast software is enough! Look at the time in the top right corner of the high-definition large picture below. Yes, it is October 14, 2015, today. Landlord brings real-time live analytics, Liang Chen said good live application! ! ! !

The version used by the landlord is the latest version, and Thaitech video version 3.1.0.

The homepage is still similar to Windows 10's compact tile-type classification module. It has two layers up and down, which is more in line with the normal user's operating habits from left to right. Tai Jie video is divided into four major sections, video, popular, special topics, settings, how easy it is to get started and know!

Popular sections, with the latest video resources recommended, youthful, romance, variety, cartoon as you pick.

Special topics, according to the theme of video resources classification, see beauty, see the warm man, directly Mengpi the corresponding section on the line, forgot to say there is royal sister and little fresh meat!

Set the plate, there are live settings, on-demand settings and account binding and other plates, I rarely touch this plate after installation, do not know how to see?

Let's take a look at the signature features of this veteran aggregation software, CCTV, local, and Guardian video channels. The local channel is located according to its own network IP address, or it can be manually set by itself. The only thing that is regrettable is that the previous custom program source is not available, and the programs for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan that you want to see cannot be seen. To be honest, in the past six months, the live broadcast channel of Taijie’s video has been shrinking, especially Hunan Satellite TV. Sometimes it is not. It may be the issue of the section of Mango TV.

TV drama section, the more popular "Weifang" "Cloud song" "pretender" have, it seems that I rarely watch TV shows, just search and test it. Like a chase drama, a small partner can feel it.

to sum up:
As a veteran video aggregation software, I absolutely did not disappoint with the amount and clarity of resources. It took almost two years to use the Thai-Thai video. It has been placed on the TV. It seems that Android phones and tablets can be perfectly adapted to the Thai-Gate video. If it can be a IOS version, download it directly on the iPhone. It's so cool to install the taijie video!

In the end, I have been using it for many reasons. There are many resources, fewer advertisements, and it is generally smooth to fly! How many old Thai video users, waved chant!

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