Low-cost, high-performance LED lighting solutions

[Source: Gaogong LED 's " LED Good Products" magazine March issue ]

In the trend of globalization and integration, in order to meet the power requirements of different countries and regions to meet the power requirements of different occasions, LED lighting power suppliers hope that their products can be adapted to the commercial input voltage of any country and region in the world. At the same time, it can be compatible with a variety of output requirements.

Shenzhen Mingwei Electronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mingwei Electronics) has introduced a low-cost and high-performance constant-current power switch series chip suitable for the above requirements. The LED lighting power supply designed by this series of chips is in the wide range of 90Vac to 264Vac. A wide range of outputs compatible with a wide range of specifications at electrical input voltages.

Based on a high-voltage single-chip integration process, this series of chips uses patented high-voltage self-starting and power supply technology, patented constant current control technology and patented topology without windings, eliminating the need for loop compensation circuits to achieve high-precision constant current control. Applicable to various topologies such as flyback and BUCK-BOOST. The flyback scheme requires only two winding transformers, no need for absorbing circuits, and the overall cost is low. Applicable to LED lighting fields such as bulbs, spotlights, downlights, etc., easy to pass 3C, UL, CE and other certification standards.

Two-winding primary side feedback (PSR) scheme

Figure 1 shows a 1 to 3W compatible LED lighting power solution implemented with the SM7523. The high-end two-winding primary-side feedback topology, high-voltage self-starting and power supply technology eliminates the need for auxiliary winding power supply and reduces the cost of the transformer. At the same time, there is no need for an absorption loop, which reduces the PCB board size and also reduces the cost.

This solution is compatible with a system output of 1~3W in the wide input voltage range of 90Vac to 264Vac, and the output current accuracy is less than ±3%. The test data is shown in Table 1. The primary side feedback system designed by SM7525 chip has the same circuit structure as the figure. Only a small part of the device parameters can be changed, and the system output compatible with 1W to 5W can be realized. The corresponding test data is also shown in Table 1.

Figure 2 is a diagram showing an example of a 3W spotlight implemented with the SM7523. In order to further reduce the cost and save the transformer, it is possible to use only the inductor. It is recommended to use the BUCK-BOOST application scheme described below.

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