Market acceptance of LED bulbs falling in North America is expected to increase

According to LED inside research conducted by Trend Force, a research department of the company, the lamp price survey in October 2011 found that the price of LED bulbs replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with 60-watt (W) bulbs has dropped significantly, with a monthly decline of 9%. In the United States, in particular, the decline rate has reached 10%, the average retail price has come to 38.6 US dollars, the lowest price is 24.97 US dollars. In replacing the traditional 40-watt LED bulb, the average selling price appears to be stable.

The price of LED bulbs replacing 60-watt incandescent bulbs continued to decline significantly. LED inside said that in October, the price of LED bulbs fell significantly in the United States. In addition to the 3% drop in the price of replacing the traditional 40-watt LED bulbs, it has fallen by 10% in replacing the 60-watt segment. The current minimum price for replacing 60-watt goods is US$24.97, while the average retail price also comes to US$31.3. Compared with other regions, the unit price of its products appears to be relatively favorable to the people. The reason for the apparent decline in market prices may be the influence of brand manufacturers such as Philips' sales promotion strategy, which stimulates the effect of parity and makes the market price decline significantly.

To replace the 40W incandescent LED bulbs, the brand makers have already dropped to US$11.6. In replacing the 40W incandescent light bulbs, the average price of LED bulbs in October did not show significant fluctuations, which was mainly due to the increase in average selling prices in Europe. Although prices in most regions still fell by around 3%, due to commodity adjustments in the European region, the replacement of old and new products affected the entire average selling price, making the average selling price in October flat in September. It is worth noting that South Korea's 40-watt replacement of commodity prices is still relatively low, especially under the continued price cuts of major brand manufacturers, the current lowest price has come to 11.6 US dollars, is close to the estimated US$10 sweet spot from the LED inside. .

LED inside view LED inside said that as the price continued to decline significantly, but also makes LED bulbs every thousand lumens prices hit new lows, the current average price per thousand lumens has been less than 48 US dollars, and the market consumers expect more closely. From the lighting trend, the market acceptance is also higher than before.

Therefore, many countries are adopting or considering adopting consumer subsidies policies to increase the use of LED light bulbs and energy-saving light bulbs. After China banned the publication of the incandescent light bulb route, it is expected that it will announce the recent subsidies or incentives by the end of 2011. In Taiwan, the government's current subsidy policy is still under discussion. It should be decided in advance to meet the market and international energy conservation needs.

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