Method for identifying true and false MPEG4 embedded DVR

Since entering the digitalization process, the security industry has developed rapidly since 1998. The video compression format of the industrial-controlled DVR has been J-PEG, and later it has been MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264 and so on. With the stability of quality, embedded DVRs have also begun to be widely used. At present, embedded DVRs have also evolved from JPEG to wavelet compression, and later to MPEG1 and MPEG2.

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Because MPEG4 has a high compression ratio and the image quality is clear, generally reaching 720*566, but the industrial-controlled hard disk always feels that because of the software platform, it is not absolutely stable, so the market's hopes and demand for MPEG4 embedded hard disk are getting higher. .

Due to the development of MPEG4, the embedded-type hard disk will appear in the first year after the emergence of the industrial-controlled hard disk. Before the embedded MPEG4 product was released, many embedded VR disks called MPEG4 emerged in the market. Today, MPEG4 is available on the market. Embedded products are introduced.

First, we review the following links to MPEG4:

First, the principle of MPEG4: There are three main characteristics: small compression ratio, generally 30-180M / hour / way; high image quality, can be from 353 * 288 to 720 * 566; network transmission is excellent; general MPEG4 industrial hard drive The video recorder realizes the above functions, but mainly adopts the CIF format, so the video recording effect is generally 352*288, which does not reach the DVD quality. This is also a problem that many users are confused: how the product effect of MPEG4 is similar to that of MPEG1.

Second, due to industrial control using WINDOWS platform, it is relatively easy to crash, so in the field of unattended, engineering companies need embedded products; so-called embedded, generally using PSOS industrial system, using a single motherboard to digitally process the image, not crash;

Third, because MPEG4 compression is relatively small, network transmission is better. At this point, industrial control and embedded performance should be the same;

Fourth, we have come to the requirements of the embedded DVR: PSOS system does not crash; the image can reach 720 * 566 resolution, network transmission is good;

What are the characteristics of embedded DVRs on the market? How to tell?

First, due to the difference between the industrial control type and the embedded form, some so-called MPEG4 embedded products will install the industrial video recorder in the embedded chassis. As an embedded hard disk recorder, it needs a keyboard, a mouse, and enters the WINDOWS system. This product is easy to identify;

Second, the simple change chassis is easy to be recognized, so the smarter one has to change the kernel: turn the PC motherboard, chip, etc. into a single motherboard, which is different from the industrial control motherboard; the data acquisition card becomes a welded (non-slot); Use the button instead of the mouse and keyboard to operate, display with the monitor; the ordinary engineering firm looks at it, it is embedded; in fact, it is easy to distinguish such fake embedded: First: the shape, open the chassis: it can be seen that the motherboard plus Video capture card type; second: using LINUX software platform, will crash, will be infected by viruses; due to the software platform, the hard disk must be formatted, and the real embedded is PSOS system, single board integrated system, do not need to The hard disk is formatted; third: the fake embedded uses an industrial-controlled platform and a video card, so there is a heat sink on the video, but it is really unnecessary; fourth: the fake embedded is generally 352*288 resolution, very Less to 720*566, let alone to achieve a fixed rate or an indefinite rate; Fifth: fake embedded generally uses panel control, but really uses panel and remote control; currently this fake Embedded DVRs are highly deceptive;

Third, there are many embedded products compressed in wavelet or other formats on the market, but they are all promoted in the compressed format of MPEG4. The resolution is relatively simple: see if it is real-time?

Generally speaking, JPEG products belong to inter-frame compression, which is not easy to achieve in real time; although wavelet compression can be done in real time, the compression ratio is too large, generally can reach 1-2G/road/hour; secondly, look at image quality: generally speaking Other embedded formats are difficult to achieve in 720*566 resolution format;

Fourth, there are still many companies in the market that do not have embedded MPEG4 products, but because everyone is interested in MPEG4 products, there are not many real products on the market, so use advance propaganda and add other products to OEM; this situation is very simple. : Communicate with its sales staff to understand the specific functions, especially in the comparison of details. Because the products are manufactured by themselves, the answer is generally vague; as a manufacturer, they are more willing to test the products, if they are not willing to borrow products. There are generally problems; this company originally sold other equipment for a long time, and suddenly said that it is suspicious to make MPEG4 products. Because the development of MPEG4 embedded input requirements are very large, the general manufacturers or distributors can not afford the pressure of research and development costs;

What features should I have for a true MPEG4 embedded product?

The system is absolutely stable: high-speed embedded microcontroller, using industrial PSOS embedded system, completely out of the PC platform, absolutely stable, completely eliminate the crash, computer virus infection, easy to operate, all parameters are stored in EPROM, power loss is not lost; hard disk Plug and play, no need to format;

Adopt MPEG4 professional compression chip to achieve true MPEG4 embedded video recorder;

The motherboard adopts an all-in-one single board integrated system, which does not require a heat sink and has low power consumption.

Real four-way host: 4 channels of image, 4 channels of independent audio, 100 frames / sec;

Full-duplex mode: simultaneous display, recording, and playback;

Multiple display formats: 4 screens, picture in picture, user-defined format;

The picture quality is very good: adopt MPEG4 compression format; display quality/playback quality can be 720*576; 5 kinds of image quality selection; each channel shows recording resources 25 frames/second, audio and video synchronization;

The picture quality can be adjusted: the display and recording effects can be converted in DVD-VCD quality; the highest image quality can be selected in the image format 720*576 (D1 mode); 720*288 (1/2D1 mode) can also be selected; Can choose 352*288 (CIF mode)

The recording rate is adjustable: two recording modes: fixed rate and variable rate;

The data is safe and reliable: the video data storage format is a specific format, which cannot be deleted and changed manually, and has high credibility as evidence;

Bank-specific design: with partial cover function, applied to the bank to cover the password input keypad;

4 kinds of recording modes: timetable timer recording, video movement alarm recording, probe input alarm recording, manual recording;

Mobile recording function: Each channel can be set with 256 detection areas, the sensitivity is adjustable; the image can be recorded 1 minute before the alarm during recording; the pre-alarm function and the alarm recording delay function ensure the integrity of the alarm video data.

Cloud mirror control function: It can directly control the PTZ lens, which is more convenient to operate;

Level 2 password control: Chinese and English interface, remote control operation, safe, reliable and confidential;

Support unattended: a variety of timing methods, automatic power on/off, automatic recording, automatic call recovery after power failure;

Long storage time: 4 hard drives in the chassis, supporting 250G hard drives.

High-speed data interface: USB2.0 interface makes data transmission faster;

VGA output interface: In order to ensure the display effect, you can connect a progressive scan VGA display;

Complete network function: can be transmitted through the network, network users can view or play back images; RJ-45 communication interface, network transmission methods include dial-up access, ADSL, ISDN, LAN, metropolitan area network, etc.; support TCP/IP, UDP/IP , FTP / IP network transmission protocol. The web browsing mode is browsed by IE browser.

Data backup is convenient: support CompactFlash card and IBMmicrodrive micro hard drive, making image transfer more flexible and convenient.

The operation is simple and easy to learn: the panel operation or the use of the remote control, the Chinese operation interface is clear at a glance (the operation of the device can be displayed on the monitor);

Operation in harsh environment: unique convection fan, completely solve the problem of heat dissipation of large hard disk, never crash;

Standard professional chassis: American technology design, withstand voltage and anti-static than traditional civil chassis.

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