Midea's beautiful lighting and Changhong Red Sun two LED bulbs dismantled: Who is cost-effective?

Cottage LEDs not only have a long life, but high levels of blue light spills can affect your and your family's vision. Or buy a few large manufacturers out of the LED lights are relatively reliable point, the effect is much better. Take a look at the disassembly diagram to see that the quality is very different.

Left: Beautiful 3W LED bulb . Right: Changhong 3W three-stage dimming LED bulb.

first set,

The beautiful LED lights have been in the promotion recently, I bought a few, the quality is not bad, 3W price 6.9 yuan, the price is very affordable. The general lamp head is made of E27, yellow and white light depending on personal preference and use occasions.

Personally feel that the most cost-effective to buy 4W, the actual is 4.8w, the light effect is close to 5W, and the size is much larger than 3W.

Beautiful 3W LED bulb dismantling internal map:

Lamp beads:

The aluminum substrate , the positive and negative wires are not soldered in the general style, but a special connector is used:

Constant current drive, work is still good:

The second paragraph, Changhong 12W LED bulb.

As the power increases, the heat is increased. To enhance the heat dissipation, a cast aluminum casing is added to the plastic casing, and the visible portion of the figure is only an exposed portion, and the rest is cast in the plastic casing. So the whole bulb is heavier than the 3w above.

This is the part of the lamp housing after the drive circuit is removed. The inside of the two screw columns is also a cast aluminum radiator:

The aluminum substrate of the lamp bead, the white glue part is the contact part with the cast aluminum heat sink of the above figure.

Constant current drive circuit front:

The back of the constant current drive circuit:

Constant current chip MT7811:

The second one is the lamp of the old state-owned enterprise Changhong. This lamp has three dimming functions, which can be adjusted to 15%, 50%, 100% three brightness, the lowest file is only 0.3 watts, when the night light is good.

The bathroom for 3w is bright enough. If used as a desk lamp, it is still suitable for 5w and 8w.

The LED chip is imported and the quality is good:

In addition to the aluminum substrate on which the lamp bead is mounted, there is also an aluminum tube for heat dissipation, which is quite reliable:

Constant current drive, 130 degree high temperature electrolytic capacitor, conscience product:

On the back of the constant current chip, the welding level is very good:

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