North Korea invents green LED glasses to adjust the biological clock

According to the "New Korea News" reported on December 2, North Korea recently invented a pair of led glasses that can regulate the human biological clock, which will be expected to become a must-have for overseas and business travelers, as well as training and daily life for sports athletes. Life is convenient.

According to reports, the glasses developed by the Kim Il Sung University in North Korea can prevent the life cycle of the living body from being destroyed by adjusting the body clock. According to the report, glasses can emit a kind of green LED light, which can suppress or stimulate the production of sleep hormones in the human eye, thus achieving the effect of regulating the body cycle.

Researchers said that when athletes rush to foreign countries to participate in competitions, they often feel distressed by jet lag, but if they wear LED glasses that adjust the clock for 30 minutes before and after boarding, they can easily overcome the time difference and get used to the local time. Conducive to achieving better results in the game. In addition, this LED glasses can also correct the circadian clock for patients with sleep disorders, people with irregular sleep, and people who travel frequently.

According to the report, the tuning clock glasses have passed many clinical experiments and proved its good efficacy. This product has been unveiled in many exhibitions in North Korea, causing widespread concern among consumers.

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