NVC Lighting yesterday public offering admission fee of 2,929 Hong Kong dollars

According to Hong Kong media reports, despite the worsening global stock market sentiment, there are still new stocks "resolutely" listed. The mainland energy-saving lamp manufacturer NVC Lighting (2222) has public offerings this time, raising a maximum of 2.11 billion yuan and an entry fee of 2929.26 yuan per hand. Wu Changjiang, chairman and CEO of the company, said at a press conference yesterday that the company's past development rate ranged from 80% to 100%. In 2006, strategic investors were introduced because their own funds alone were not enough to support such rapid growth.

At present, the LED lamp business accounts for a small proportion of NVC's revenue. The company's senior vice president Yin Yi analyzed that the current development of LED lights mainly faces two obstacles. The first is technological advancement, followed by the high price. He pointed out that NVC currently has a related research and development team in Shanghai, but it has not been developed on a large scale due to its high price.

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