Observation: Differences between LED packaging technology in China and abroad

With the rapid development of China's LED packaging companies in recent years, LED packaging technology has risen to a good level, especially for some high-end needs such as large LED display , wide color gamut LCD backlight, etc., China's LED excellent packaging company It has been able to meet its needs, and the LEDs produced by advanced packaging technology are close to the level of international similar products. China's LED packaging companies are actively catching up, and the gap with foreign technology is narrowing.

One: package production and test equipment differences

LED hard light strip main packaging production equipment including solid crystal machine, wire bonding machine, sealing machine, spectrophotometer, dispenser, smart oven and so on. Five years ago, LED power automatic packaging equipment was basically a foreign brand, mainly from Europe and Taiwan. China only has a small supply of semi-automatic solid crystal and wire bonding equipment. In the past five years, China's LED drive power production equipment manufacturing industry has made great progress. Nowadays, automatic solid crystal machine, automatic sealing machine, spectroscopic color separation machine, automatic dispensing machine, intelligent oven, etc. are all supplied by manufacturers. With a good price/performance ratio.

At present, among the LED spotlight packaging enterprises in China, the LEDT5 lamp tube packaging enterprises in the forefront have the world's most advanced packaging equipment, which is determined by the advantages of latecomers. As far as the hardware level is concerned, China's LED energy-saving lamp packaging enterprises above the scale are the most advanced in the world. Of course, some of the higher level test and analysis equipment has yet to be further equipped.

Therefore, China has a world-leading level in packaging equipment hardware, with the basis of advanced packaging technology and process development.

Two: LED chip difference

At present, there are about 10 LED fluorescent tube enterprises in mainland China, which started late and are not large enough. The largest annual output value of light diffusion board enterprises is about 300 million yuan, and the average annual output value of each family is 1 to 2 billion.

In the past two years, the LED controller enterprises in mainland China have developed faster and the technology level has also improved rapidly. Small and medium-sized chips (referred to below 15mil) can basically meet the needs of domestic packaging enterprises. Large-size chips (referring to power-type W-class chips) ) Imports are also required, mainly from US and Taiwanese companies, but large-size chips can only be used in large quantities after the LEDs enter general illumination.

The performance of the PS diffuser package device depends on the panel light at 50%. The core indicators of the flat grille lamp include brightness, wavelength, failure rate, antistatic capability, attenuation, and the like. At present, most of the small and medium-sized chips of domestic panel lamp packaging enterprises use domestic brands. The chip performance of these domestic brands is small compared with foreign brands. The backlight has good cost performance and can meet the needs of most LED bulb application enterprises.

Three: difference in packaging auxiliary materials

Packaging auxiliary materials include brackets, gold wires, epoxy resins, silicones, moldings, and the like. Auxiliary materials are an important basis for the comprehensive performance of LEDT8 lamp devices. The quality of auxiliary materials can determine the failure rate, attenuation rate, optical performance and energy consumption of panel light guide devices.

At present, the supply chain of packaging auxiliary materials in mainland China has been perfected, and most of the materials can be produced and supplied in the mainland. However, high-performance epoxy resin and silica gel are mostly imported. These two types of materials mainly require high temperature resistance, UV resistance, excellent refractive index and good expansion coefficient.

With the progress of global integration, China's panel light diffuser packaging companies have been able to apply to the world's latest and best packaging auxiliary materials.

Four: package design differences

The package form of the ultra-thin light box mainly includes three main types: bracket type LED, surface mount type LED and power type LED.

The package design of the LED light guide plate includes the shape structure design, heat dissipation design, optical design, material matching design, parameter design and the like.

The design of acrylic light guide plate has been relatively mature, and it can be further advanced in terms of decay life, optical matching, and failure rate.

The design of the light guide plate of the chip-type lamp, especially the top-emitting TOP type SMD, is constantly developing. The package bracket size, package structure design, material selection, optical design, heat dissipation design, etc. are constantly innovating and have broad technical potential.

The design of the luminaire diffuser is a new world. As power-type large-size chip manufacturing is still in development, the structure, optics, materials, and parameter design of power-type LEDs are also in the process of development, and new types of designs are emerging.

China's LED package design is based on the design and improvement of existing designs in foreign countries and Taiwan. The design relies on good computer design tools, good test equipment and good reliability test equipment, and needs to be based on advanced design ideas and product comprehension. At present, China's LED packaging design level is still a certain gap with foreign industry giants.

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