Oculus Rift released the list of the top five AR and VR devices

Forrester Research, a world-renowned market research organization, released the AR and VR industry reports, which released the AR and VR device rankings. Unexpectedly, the Oculus Rift did not enter the top five of the list.

The top five AR or VR devices that enter the list are:

Five major AR and VR equipment lists released Oculus Rift unexpectedly dropped

HTC Vive

Microsoft HoloLens

Sensic's OSVR

Skylight from APX Labs


VR/AR equipment list announced Oculus crying in the toilet

Why is HTC Vive able to enter the top five, but the Oculus Rift does not work? In response, JP Gownder, the analyst who wrote the report, explained that although Oculus is considered to be the leader of virtual reality, HTC is better, HTC Vive has dedicated handles, front camera and base station, which can provide users with the whole The virtual reality experience of the room.

The report also pointed out that HTC Vive provides a visual experience of virtual reality, and there is more room for development in the future. It is hopeful to compete with Microsoft HoloLens in AR and mixed reality.

HTC Vive can enter the top five list, which does not mean that HTC Vive can no longer look at the Oculus Rift. A few days ago, Oculus announced that the Samsung Gear VR using the Oculus platform reached a million activations last month. The services and content on the Oculus platform have become an advantage for the Oculus Rift.

However, this advantage is not something that HTC Vive can't take away. As long as developers are willing, it is not difficult to port Oculus content and applications to HTC Vive.

Microsoft's HoloLens ranked second, and in our expectation, the device sold for as much as $3,000, or about $1,952. A few days ago, Microsoft announced that the second batch of HoloLens has begun to ship to developers.

Microsoft believes that Hololens augmented reality devices are not designed for gaming purposes only, and can be applied to more practical applications, including medical, space exploration, and war defense.

According to Microsoft's official blog, with the help of HoloLens, the digital map can be superimposed on the actual battlefield, and the commander can better understand the terrain, including the precise location of the enemy. Through HoloLens' holographic images, military commanders and soldiers can perform their work safer, faster and more efficiently.

In addition, HoloLens can help the military design and assemble heavy-duty hardware, such as aircraft repair and equipment maintenance.

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