Omron 100% acquisition of the largest industrial robot company in the United States

On September 16, Omron announced that it would acquire Edp, the nation's largest industrial robot company from Silicon Valley, USA. The transaction is expected to be finalized by the end of October and will continue to operate as an independent company until the transaction is completed.

Omron 100% acquisition of the largest industrial robot company in the United States

The deal will combine the technological advantages of both parties to share a new vision for future automation solutions in industrial robots and autonomous mobile solutions. The combination of hardware and software advantages will enable maximum productivity, safety, flexibility and product quality. The combination of financial and human resources will also create a broader market for products and solutions.

Omron plans to make an all-cash takeover offer, 100% acquisition of Adept's outstanding common stock, and subsequent merger. Omron will offer $13 per tradable share for Edpu's investors, a 63% premium to Edp's closing price on September 15, 2015. The acquisition is worth about $200 million for Edp. Omron will make a tender offer through the reserve cash in hand.

Speaking of the acquisition, Mr. Toyoda, president of Omron Industrial Automation, said, "We are pleased to see that the world's leading robotics company, Edp, has agreed to join Omron. This acquisition is our strengthening of automation technology and status to promote long-term growth strategy. Part of it. Robots will enhance our advanced automation portfolio."

"The Omron is a global leader in the field of automation, and we are very excited to have the opportunity to join this family. Together, our products will provide new and innovative solutions to customers around the world," added Edpac President and CEO RobCain. ""

After the acquisition, RobCain will continue to lead Edp and report directly to NIgel Blakeway, chairman, president and CEO of Omron's wholly-owned US subsidiary, Omron America Management Center.

As global manufacturing faces greater cost cutting, tighter supply cycle pressures, and global environmental impact, production plants around the world are working to increase productivity, and increasing the use of labor-saving robots is one of the solutions. By incorporating Aidepu's robotics into its product portfolio, OMRON will be able to provide solutions for manufacturers in the automotive, digital equipment, food and beverage, packaging and other industries to meet these challenges, as well as engineering support.

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