Responsible for the popularity of the silicon substrate LED project won the National Science and Technology Award

[Text / Gaogong LED Yue Mengdi] January 8th news, this morning, the annual National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People, to announce the results of the 2015 National Science and Technology Awards. The specific award-winning project is the first prize of the National Natural Science Award: Multi-photon entanglement interferometry; the first prize of the National Technology Invention Award: Nanchang University Silicon Substrate LED Project; National Science and Technology Progress Award Special Prize: High-efficiency environmentally friendly aromatics complete technology Application, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway project.

Among them, the most concerned by the market is multiphoton entanglement interferometry (quantum), Nanchang University's silicon substrate LED project, and the development and commercialization of the quantum field and LED lighting field are expected to accelerate.

It is understood that the Nanchang University silicon substrate LED project is the "silicon substrate high-efficiency GaN-based blue light-emitting diode" project reported by Jiangxi Province. The technology invention is propping up the 100 billion LED industry cluster in Jiangxi Province. Jiangxi Province wants to vigorously support the development of the entire industrial chain of silicon-based LED technology, and will adopt a model of silicon-based LED technology cooperation for industrial development, and promote the radiation of silicon-based LED technology.

Jiangxi Province recently issued the "Implementation Plan for Building Nanchang Optics Valley and Building Jiangxi LED Industry Base". The goal is that the total LED industry in the province will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2020, accounting for 15% of the country.

Projects such as Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Mulinsen, and Hongli Optoelectronics, which are listed companies in the LED industry, are included in the above development plan. "From the invention of colleges and universities, to the support of the government, to the joint practice of industrial capital of listed companies, this is a very beautiful chain of innovation." An industry insider believes that it will bring some new inspiration and impetus to the entire LED industry. .

Attached to the 2015 awards overview

1. National Science and Technology Award: Vacancy.

2. 42 National Natural Science Awards: 1 first prize and 41 second prize.

3. National Technical Invention Award 66: 1 first prize and 65 second prize.

4. 187 National Science and Technology Progress Awards: 3 special prizes, 17 first prizes (including 3 innovative teams) and 167 second prizes.

5. People's Republic of China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award 7: Yang Crist Jansen (Sweden), Chong Cun Xian Shu (Japan), Evgeny Wilhelm (Russia), Peter Stout (United States) ), Wilt Ian Lipkin (USA), Carlo Rubia (Italy), Johannes Franconia (Netherlands).

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