Safi new winds are not afraid of competition

Saifei's new style is not afraid of competition.

Chai Jing's "Under the Dome" has caused more and more people to pay attention to the air quality, and to a certain extent has led to many influxes in the air purification industry. However, companies with more strategic vision are also targeting the new wind system. Shanghai Safi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is such a company.

On the third day of AWE2016, March 11, the reporter had the privilege of interviewing Cai Jia, the general manager of SAIFEI. From his description, the reporter learned that SAIFEI had been working mainly as an air purifier since 2013. The direction was adjusted to the category of heat recovery fresh air purification system. This time, the products they displayed on AWE were mainly fresh air purification systems. Cai Jia said that the effect of participating in AWE was far beyond the expected imagination. Next, from the interview record, he took a look at how Sai Fei had full confidence in making strategic adjustments, and how he achieved traffic flow in this AWE. The customer's intention to order double harvest it.

Shanghai Saifei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Cai Jia

The following is an interview record:

China National Grid: You are the first time to come to AWE? What changes or new feelings do you have this time?

Cai Jia: We are here for the third time. Our original classification is divided into environmental appliances. There are many big brands next to this one, so we will have a good promotion effect on our popular gatherings. Therefore, compared to previous years, the flow of people on our booth this year is much larger.

China National Grid: Did you achieve the results you expected?

Cai Jia: Yesterday and the day before yesterday, both the flow of people and the customer's intention to order should be beyond our expectations.

China National Grid: What is the main product this time?

Cai Jia: We are doing environmental appliances, mainly air purification products, but the product is limited to air purifiers. Therefore, our core product is mainly the whole house fresh air purification system, in particular, we are the world's first intelligent wall-mounted intelligent heat recovery air purification air conditioning one machine, the name is very long. We use this name to explain it now, mainly because its function is indeed very powerful and comprehensive. Contains new wind system

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