Samsung Internet TV Internet and WIFI connection settings Raiders

Sofa butler technology According to the store's Purchasing Guide, said that the new Samsung TV has a network function, but he tried for a long time did not understand how in the end to Samsung TV connected to the Internet? Do not worry, then come to the author to take everyone to see Samsung TV connection network method.

Samsung Internet TV Cable Internet Access Settings

1. Connect one end of the network cable to the LAN interface behind the TV, and connect the other end of the network cable to the network interface of the router or fixed IP address.

2. Click the Samsung TV remote control "Project", and then enter "Network" - "Network Settings", select the type of network is "wired", then you can access the Internet;

Samsung Internet TV wireless Internet settings

Samsung Internet TV Wireless Setup Video Tutorial

The first stage: wireless router quick setup (if the router is to open the wireless network can perform this operation)

The first step: use a computer to open a IE browser window, enter in the address bar (enter the password is admin, admin) to enter the configuration interface;

Step 2: Run the setup wizard first after login. The browser will pop up the setup wizard page as shown below. If this page does not pop up automatically, you can activate it by clicking the Setup Wizard menu on the left side of the page.

Step 3: Click Next to enter the webpage selection page as shown in the figure below. Here we choose according to our Internet access method. The general home broadband users are pppoe dialup users. Here we choose the first item to let the router automatically choose;

Step 4: After the settings are completed, click Next and you will see the basic wireless network parameter settings page as shown in the figure below. Users can modify the status, SSID, encryption settings, etc. of the wireless network according to actual needs. After the settings are completed, click Next. The setup wizard completion interface as shown in the figure below will pop up. Click Restart to make the wireless settings take effect.

Step 5: After the settings are completed, click Next. The setup wizard will pop up as shown in the following figure. Click Restart to make the wireless settings take effect.
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Phase II: Samsung TV Network Settings

1, first press the "project" on the remote control;
2, according to the pop-up box prompts, in order to enter the "network" - "network settings";
3, then follow the prompts, it will prompt you to first select the wireless network, and then enter the password;
4. After successful networking, you only need to press the "M" key on the remote control (which is the button of the stereo cube), you can enter the SmartHUB interface to download various APKs.

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