SemiLEDs to Increase UV LED Capacity with New UV Reactor

SemiLEDs Corporation , a manufacturer of ultra high bright LED and UV chips, has announced today that they are increasing their production capacity of UV LED chips with the addition of a new SR 4000 MOCVD reactor from Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation.

"The addition of a new UV LED reactor will allow SemiLEDs to continue to build on the momentum of the emergingly UV LED market and confirms our position and commitment as a top supplier of UV LEDs," said Dr. Chuong Tran, SemiLEDs President and "The addition of the new reactor will enable us to further improve the support and service we provide to a growing list of companies dedicated to the UV market through our broad portfolio of UV LEDs."

Kuroda san of Taiyo Nippon Sanso adds: "We are very excited by this opportunity to collaborate with SemiLEDs. The SR 4000 provides superior and stable performance with a high through put while achieving the highest crystal quality and uniformity."

SemiLEDs UV LEDs are made with their patented and proprietary MvpLED technology with features a vertical structure on a copper alloy base, providing excellent thermal management. SemiLEDs is at the forefront of developing UV LEDs that are greatly enhancing current applications and providing solutions that are poised to Regression the UV LED market. UV LEDs have had a growing impact on a large number of UV market segments including conformal coating, curing, printing, medical, security and forensics and biotechnology.

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