Smart PK 3D domestic TV new technology who is more reliable

HC home grid March 2 original: Almost at the same time Changhong launched a high-profile 3D TV, Konka also launched a 3D TV, the launch of two 3D TV will break the quiet situation of domestic TV since the New Year.

The promotion of 3D TV has always been affected by its expensive price. Domestic TV has also realized this problem. This time, Changhong has introduced a number of preferential conditions when launching 3D TV products, and Konka has announced a high-profile. The price of new 3D TV is close to the people and comparable to 2D. Another domestic TV giant, Haixin, set off a 3D popularity in the country on February 26, and 3D became the main theme of domestic TV.

In the past 2010, compared with the lively scene of foreign TV driving 3D TV, domestic TV appeared to be somewhat slow in the development of 3D TV. In contrast, smart TV has become the scent of domestic TV, and has been fully developed in the domestic camp. This phenomenon was also questioned by experts from all walks of life. Indeed, the 3D TVs brought by Avatar almost burned the TV of the whole world in 2010. Only China’s domestic TV seems to be unmoved, and still develops smart TVs tirelessly, even experts assert that facing 3D TV, domestic TV will be the same as any other stage: the emerging technology of TV will not have a very keen sense of touch, and will not make the same research investment as foreign TV. As a result, domestic TV is very close to foreign capital. Far away, struggling to catch up. "Compared with foreign TV in domestic TV, in the confrontation of 3D TV, the disadvantage is almost all." Relevant comments said.

As a result, domestic TV seems to have fully erupted in 2011. The domestic brands that have launched new 3D TV products seem to be telling the industry with their own products: 3D TV, we are also in action, and there is no backwardness.

For the 3D action of such a hot domestic TV, some experts wrote cold water to demonstrate that 3D TV is not the way out for domestic TV. Of course, more is worrying, worrying about whether smart TV will be covered by 3D TV. Faced with such doubts and worries, we can't help but ponder. For domestic TV, is 3D better, or smarter? In this issue, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of 3D TV and smart TV in domestic TV from several aspects.

Technical analysis smart TV is slightly better

Even foreign TV companies that started 3D technology have not been able to master 3D technology. Let's not talk about the two major factions about active shutter and polarized debates, even if the seemingly more active active shutter type can not solve the problem of high technical cost, not to mention 3D eyes will be dizzy for a long time. , 3D, how to develop into the naked eye, it seems more like a problem that can be discussed in the laboratory, and the first thing that needs to be solved is the consumer's ability to bear: body and pocket.

In contrast, smart TV. Although the domestically produced smart TV is more like an upgraded version of Internet TV, more is just selling concepts, but in comparison, the technology of smart TV is more perfect. Some domestic brands have also been in smart TV. Do a lot of related research, compared to 3D TV, smart TV has more space in the current domestic TV.

Consumer market 3D was coldly met

A recent Aowei Consulting color TV retail weekly total shows that the 2011 Spring Festival color TV retail sales of 3.19 million units, of which 3D TV retail volume share is only 2.2%. Compared with the frequent production of manufacturers, the performance of the terminal consumer market is more like a "cold treatment" for manufacturers. The "family" that should have been fully supported has not given comfort to 3D TV. According to Nielsen's survey data, most users of 3D TV's main battlefield in North America (US and Canada) not only did not have the idea of ​​purchasing 3D TV, but spontaneously boycotted this new technology product. The results of this research spilled on the 3D TV market. A large basin of cold water.

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