Taiwan's land-based access to free economic demonstration zone approach at the end of September

The Taiwan Land-based Access Free Economic Demonstration Zone will be released at the end of September. It is understood that the future land-based access demonstration zone will still be regarded as a major investment case, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs has a quasi-rejection right. However, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will encourage cross-strait industries to over-competitive industries. For example, LED and panel industries will cooperate through demonstration zones to avoid repeated investment and overcapacity in cross-strait industries.

The Free Economic Demonstration Zone is on the road. The six-port, one-empty free trade port area under the demonstration area this week will be equipped with the “Single-Hong Kong Trade Single Window” function to announce the arrival of the logistics expressway era in the region. On the 27th of August, the Executive Director Jiang Yihua will lead the team to see the Chinese and Hong Kong guides, announcing the government's attempt to fight for economics through the demonstration zone.

It is understood that after the demonstration zone plan, the inter-department will continue to introduce new regulations before the end of September, and promote various types of innovative industries. Among them, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will announce the land-based access demonstration zone at the end of September. Land capital enjoys the basis of superior treatment outside the zone.

Officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that the land-based access demonstration zone is basically free from equity and business restrictions, and invests in key industries such as panels and semiconductors. However, the admission process will still be checked by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Industrial Bureau will also The industrial review and the determination of the land-based case for admission to the demonstration zone will all contribute to Taiwan's industrial and economic development.

It is understood that the Ministry of Economic Affairs hopes to establish a 4G testing and verification company established by the two sides or many countries in the demonstration zone. The company can serve as a bridgehead for Taiwan's mobile phones, chips and components to advance to the mainland and eat 4G business opportunities in mainland China. The plan can be obtained from Taiwan for testing and testing. Taiwan's complete supply chain can be tailored for the mainland market. After testing in Taiwan, it can also be sold directly to the mainland.

Officials said that through cross-strait regular consultations, the demonstration zone can serve as a starting point for the close integration of cross-strait industries. In addition, some industries with high cross-strait investment, such as panels and LEDs, can also discuss cooperation in demonstration areas. It is a scope for cooperation to set up a holding company to promote cooperation between the upstream and the seaport.

The six ports and one free trade port area refers to Keelung Port, Taipei Port, Suao Port, Taichung Port, Kaohsiung Port, Anping Port and Taoyuan Airport. The demonstration area that the government has just announced has been implemented as a starting point for the implementation of the six-port, one-port free trade port area, and also included in the Pingtung Biotechnology Park.

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