Taiwan factory Shenghua has begun to develop LED lighting products

Taiwan's touch panel and TFT small and medium-sized panel maker Shenghua Technology (2384) have begun to develop new businesses, mainly developing LED lighting products, including LED tubes and LED bulbs, based on the basic advantages of existing light guide technology.

In the future, Shenghua will adopt a model of strategic cooperation with downstream system lighting manufacturers to expand its business in the LED lighting market.

Shenghua 2010 Q3 single-quarter earnings per share is close to NT$1, Q4 new capacity is gradually opened, and new customers order volume shipments, it is estimated that Q4 single-quarter profit has the opportunity to challenge NT$2 billion. The single-quarter earnings per share is 1.5 yuan, and the annual profit is estimated at 2.5 billion yuan. The after-tax earnings per share will reach 2 yuan.

Waterproof Push Button Switch 

      Waterproof Push Button Switch , with all the brass material hardware fitting, is widely used in military equipment, high-precision,medical equipment and space navigation equipment. Acting as a trigger signal, this serious Waterproof Push Button Momentary Switch or Push Button Switches are made from high precision machine.  It is always recognized by customers with its excellent gold plating process,  superior conduction contact and high efficiency.

Water-proof Metal Switches

After the long-term research by the R&D department of Taiwan, the life of the PA series Metal Switches  have reached 1 million mechanical life, 500,000 electrical life, and IP67 dust-proof and waterproof, could easily resist the erosion of oil and sewage when operating. In addition, this Waterproof On Off Switch could still have obtained relevant environmental protection and quality certifications from the European Union and the United States under the severe international situation of environmental protection Project.

pushbutton switches

In order to save the labor cost in our customer's use process, our customers can customize the finished product with wire, so it can directly put into production and installation after receiving the finished product, which greatly provides the work efficiency of the customer.

Waterproof Push Button Switch

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