Taiwan sapphire substrate maker Jingmei production capacity wins

[High-tech LED] Taiwan's sapphire substrate maker Jingmei (4990), in addition to its production capacity, paid a brilliant performance of 9.61 Taiwan dollars in 2010. The board of directors even issued a cash dividend of up to 7.64 Taiwan dollars to yesterday (April 13) The reference price of the counter is 108.5 Taiwan dollars, and the cash yield is 7%.

The stone substrate group's performance in 2010 is quite eye-catching, and it is also the most watched group among the cabinets.

Among them, Zhaojing Technology (4969), with a monthly production capacity of 450,000 pieces, had an annual revenue of 1.708 billion Taiwan dollars, a gross profit margin of 32%, and a net profit after tax of 407 million Taiwan dollars, a record high, gross profit margin and net profit after tax. Win the crown of the industry.

As for the EPS, it is 8.06 Taiwan dollars, with a cash and stock dividend of 2 Taiwan dollars, a total of 4 Taiwan dollars.

In terms of Zhaojing's financial structure, the debt-to-asset ratio remained at a relatively low level of 41%, the return on equity was as high as 40%, and the financial structure was sound and the profitability was quite good.

The sapphire substrate manufacturer Zhaoyuan (4944) will announce the profit and interest rate policy on April 22, 2011, while the sapphire substrate factory has announced the profit figures, with a monthly capacity of 300,000 pieces. The profit figures are not bad.

In 2010, the revenue was NT$2,207 million, with a gross margin of 26.2% and a profit after tax of 338 million Taiwan dollars. In addition, in order to enrich working capital, Jingmei intends to handle a capital increase of 10.624 million shares. It is estimated that more than 957 million Taiwan dollars will be raised at 90 yuan per share. It is expected to be gradually put into place in mid-2011 as a capacity expansion and expansion.


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