The 13 principles of sound knowledge

The 13 principles of sound knowledge

This article aims to revisit some simple and easy-to-read methods for readers, so that you can read through the memory and refresh the new effects when you need it, and for the junior readers can pass the actual test, so as to get more Sound knowledge and valuable experience.

In order to play well with the overall audio, financial resources are important (the author thinks that there is no level of play, but you do n’t have to worry about the amount of financial resources), but you have to cooperate with the latter. It plays. Pay attention to some aspects that should and should not be done. Finally, there is the effort to adjust the sound. This is very important. When you buy a brand-new system and go home, you need to make a preliminary post-calibration and wait for everything. Settle down, and in the future, I will continue to make some fine adjustments to meet my own requirements. If so, each time you change a new device and change the position, you need to make adjustments depending on the situation. In other words, setting the sound of the school and playing the sound are really inseparable, unless you don't know how to do it or don't pay any attention to it at all. In the final analysis, it is not a demand to spend more time and thoughts, but just an attitude that hopes that the equipment can play its due standard.

Law of beautiful voice

To improve the replay effect of a system, in addition to changing the more expensive and beautiful equipment, there are many ways, and some are even cost-effective but quite effective.

1. Fully clean the contacts every six months

This procedure is often forgotten, but it is necessary. It should be known that soon after the metal is exposed to the air, the surface layer will oxidize, lose its gloss, and become dull. Even if the surface of the signal wire plug is gold-plated, it is not easy to oxidize and has close contact with the body plug. However, after a long time, there will still be a certain degree of oxidation caused by poor contact, so it should be cleaned at least once every year. As long as the contact points are coated with cotton and alcohol, after this heavy work, the contacts can be restored to the best contact, and the sound is clear and transparent.

2. Laser cartridge for cleaning CD player

Everyone should have seen that the laser cartridge is only a small area, and it is all based on the use of laser light to read the marks on the CD. Therefore, as little dust adhered to the cartridge is enough to affect the read signal. Although most CD players have a sealed body, do n’t forget that there are gaps in the process of frequent loading and unloading of the disc, so that the dust can enter. After some days, the surface of the cartridge must be more or less For dust, please turn on the cover screw, open the cover and clean it with cotton swabs. Although there are various kinds of cleaning CDs on the market, you spend a few tens of yuan on each side. Those so-called CD washing may just use a row of brushes to remove the dust or use a suede or the like to rotate to remove the dust. The effect is comparable. Do not use cotton swabs directly. When your CD player that has not washed your hair for a long time is cleaned, it will make you feel like a layer of gauze when you listen again, and the high frequency restores the clarity of the old days, and the details are much heard.

This step of cleaning the phono is probably done once a year. Even if you use Pioneer's reversing turntable system (laser head is down instead of upward), the dust will still be attracted to the static electricity carried by the phono and stick to it, so this The time and effort cannot be saved.

3. Wipe the gall feet gently with sand glue

Friends who use a bile machine at home can go to the bookstore to buy a sand glue pen (because the pen shape sand glue is younger, it is much more flexible to use). Gently wipe the gallbladder feet of each gallbladder again, and then put it back into the gallbladder. The light bulbs that have passed will indeed be a little louder, the listening of each frequency band has improved, and the amount of information is also more. This method was taught by a master of self-welding tube machine many years ago. I remember that he also said that when the hand is sweating, it is not appropriate to go directly to the magnetic body, so as not to leave hand sweat to hinder the heat dissipation of the lamp. It is best to contact the tube , Best across towels and the like.

4. Place equipment to avoid stacking machines as much as possible

Due to environmental issues, it is of no use to stack the equipment. When conditions permit, the main CD source and the sound reinforcement part should be placed as far as possible. The damage is mainly caused by Caused by harmonic vibration. When the speaker is playing music, the vibrating air causes the equipment to follow the vibration. When the two machines overlap, they will preach on each other and cause the subtle information in the music to be blurred and interfere with the transmission of each frequency band, causing a kind of sound pollution. And, if one of them is a CD player, the continuous rotation of the motor while playing the disc itself aggravates the amplitude of the harmonic vibration, and the impact is even greater. Therefore, the equipment should be placed on a stable frame independently.

5. It is best to keep the distance between the split power supply and the host and mono backstage

Today, even many mid-priced pre-levels have a box-sized split power supply, which simply separates the fire cow and the main unit into two parts. The advantage is that it can isolate the interference between the internal parts and the fire cow. . If you put the split power supply next to the front stage, it will be a little meaningless. Hurry away from the front stage. If you put it on a rack on another floor, you can immediately hear the overall separation increase. , Audio and video will be more accurate! The same is true for the post-level of the mono channel, and the condition that the equipment is placed a little apart for two years is guaranteed to be beneficial and harmless.

6. Pay attention to the connection between the speaker cable and the equipment

The bare wire connection is of course the best, but it is easy to oxidize, and the tin can solve the problem. When the wire core is thick, you need to use the two commonly used connection media such as forks or banana plugs. If you can, it is definitely a fork. Because its tight contact is not easy to pull off like a banana plug. On the top, add a banana plug to connect the speaker or loudspeaker, and the sound is obviously much worse after one more plug. Regularly check whether the fork and the connector are not firmly connected. When choosing forks and banana plugs, please note that the one with higher copper content will be softer. If you have to use banana plugs, you should use the bulging body as the contact area will be larger.

7. Abolished the adjustable volume output of the CD player

Many single CD players are equipped with an adjustable volume output, so that you can use the remote control to control the volume. If you do n’t need this adjustable output, you can discard it, even if there is The headphone output device can also be abolished together when it is not needed. The two sets of signal output are separated by the main signal. Once abolished, only one set of fixed volume output is used, so there is no need to thin the signal output. The energy and sound will be more pure and the sense of power will be better than before. It is not complicated to abolish these two sets of output methods, as long as you open the cover and pull up the related cables in the machine.

8. Those who have a bridge behind the merger are also required to change

Some integrated amplifiers can be used independently as front and rear stages. There is a U-shaped metal strip connecting the pre-out and main in at the back of the fuselage. Although they are only three inches in length, they can also be regarded as front and rear wiring. In general, the replacement of the beautiful line must be improved, but the finished line sold on the market is mostly one meter in length, so you can buy the bulk line to make a shortest connection cable yourself. The material only needs four RCA plugs connected to the same length. The signal line is opened twice, that is, a half-foot length. Due to the short distance, the outer skin and the negative part of the signal line can be omitted. Only a thin strip of the remaining positive pole is left. You can use soldering to plug in the RCA and you are done. Since only one foot of wire is used, buy one. The pretty line is also costly, but the effect can be changed from a normal line to a pretty sound signal line.

9. Stable power cord carriage

The currently priced equipment must use a 5 amp or 13 amp plug. When it is connected to the carriage, the degree of tightness is much higher, and there will be no situation where it is easily shaken by touching it. On the contrary, the American three-legged or ordinary flat two is still used If the feet are inserted, it will inevitably appear to be unstable when inserted into the extension board. Reinforcing it with the extension board can help the sound. The method is to fasten the power plug on the pallet with a thin rope or wire, and then use a double-sided tape or rope to connect a large board or cloud under the pallet to further strengthen its stability, and the sound is naturally improved. , Will make the audio and video clearer, the lines thinner, etc.

10. The less interference, the better the sound

Indoor audio-visual equipment and computers should avoid sharing a set of power supplies with the audio, but if they are put together, they should also be pulled by a drag board to get power. Secondly, the entanglement of the wires will also make the wires absorb noise between each other. Destroy the sound quality. If you want to further achieve a pure effect, you can make the wire off the ground, as long as the line body is supported by chess or clothespins, but the sound may be too clean, depending on the situation, it can be regarded as a kind of school sound It is not necessarily suitable.

11. Equipment needs to be cooked and transparent

Not only the equipment, but also the wiring must be ensured to make the best of it. It is recommended that you can buy a XLO burn-inCD and use track8's signal to protect the equipment. This signal contains extremely high to very low frequencies, which can be used to maintain the machine with half the effort. Every new piece of equipment or wiring can be bought through the training procedure, and it can enter a stable and beautiful state faster. Even if the equipment has been used for a period of time, it can still be guaranteed. The stay has been improved, especially the horn effect is particularly good, and I have already seen the results after more than ten hours of continuous training. In addition to protecting the equipment, this actually has the advantage of making the connection part of the complete system run smoother. The situation is like the second pulse of the system that is connected to the system through this continuous signal. The sound became smoother, the hard parts and corners of the high frequency were modified, and it sounded much more comfortable. The singer seemed to sing more vigorously and devotedly, and the low frequency was calm. It is because the connecting passages and equipment of each part have entered a better state. This disc is just a role of assisting from the side.

12. Speaker placement

It is a very important part of the school sound after the placement. How to find the best place to put in the room is really a lot of effort. You may wish to read the "Fever Audio" March 1995 issue of the speaker placement special.

13. Dim environment helps listening effect

It ’s a customary issue to listen to songs after closing the class, but it has nothing to do with rebroadcasting. It ’s just that in a dark environment, the ears will be particularly sensitive, and it will reduce visual obstacles, reorganization of the sound picture and musical instruments. The sense of position will be particularly clear and clear. The good atmosphere is far away from turning on the lights. If you are afraid of the black lights and black lights, you can put a flashlight for lighting.

Other sound methods

In addition to the above, there are still some pretty tricks such as sound absorption, nailing feet, wiring and accessories.

Sound absorption

In the general family environment, furniture debris is already a good sound-absorbing material, it is not necessary to disturb the sound-absorbing kung fu too much. Generally speaking, laying a floor mat already has a basic sound absorption effect. The advantage of adding carpet is that it can reduce the reflected sound of the floor and avoid mixing the sound from the front to cause turbidity. I want to know if I need to add carpet to my room. I will know if the sound is changed on the ground and the effect is the same. It's almost the same as laying on the carpet, so you are not afraid that you will not need it once you buy the carpet.

When the speaker is too close to the rear wall, you can also consider adding a hanging felt to increase the depth and width, but be careful not to use too large a piece, otherwise it may even suck the UHF unless your combination is being high-frequency Too glorious and troubled. For excessive high frequencies, you can also rub a Blue Tak and stick it next to the tweeter of the speaker. The sharp sound will converge a little. In addition, the glass and mirrors in the room will have a strong effect of reflecting sound, which needs to be covered by the window to solve the problem. More demanding friends may wish to do more sound absorption on the corners of the walls and the sound reflection points in the room, but it should be noted that the sound absorption should not be excessive. The appropriate amount of reflected sound can help the sound be lively.

Nailed foot

There are wooden nails, metal nails, ceramic nails, crystal nails, diamond nails, mixed nails, etc. on the market, because each material has different harmonic resonance performance. When the equipment is in contact with different materials, it will carry The sound characteristics of the substance, because each characteristic has its own unique harmonic vibration, reflected in the replay, there is wood sound, metal has metal sound, glass has glass sound, whether it is the rack or nail of the receiving equipment The feet or objects used to hold down the body will preach their own sound to the equipment. Generally speaking, the sound of the beautiful wood is always more popular. It conforms to the criterion of the beautiful sound of fax. Since the iron rice bowls are pleasing to the ears, the nails are mostly made of wood, with harder materials such as copper, steel, crystal, and diamonds as the nail tips to achieve a further effect.

It can be said that the use of nail feet is a relatively compulsory lesson. It should be applied to the sound field, knot image, air feeling, line sense, depth and height, dynamics, low-frequency bounce force, etc. The nail feet also come in handy when placed on the back of the book. The principle of repeating the nailing here is that the equipment will change the sound due to the reduction of harmonic vibration. As long as you master the relationship between harmonic vibration and replaying the sound, the skill of calibrating the sound is improved.


In a set of beautiful sounds, the importance of wiring is already an indisputable fact. I think it is not excessive to raise it to match the equipment. In the end, at least a few different connections are applied to the system. A certain amount of influence, the combined power of change can be very large, so it is effective to cooperate with each other in a timely manner, and even to return to life is also occasionally heard. Here I want to emphasize that the power cord of each equipment must also be taken into account. Even if it is a design that cannot be separated from the body, you can cut it a few inches of wire and then connect it to the male plug for the power cord. But, the difference is only a few inches to ensure that the effect is not far behind the original plug. If you want to save money, you can also use the speaker cable to modify it.


There are more and more audio accessories in the world, many of which are innumerable. Some of them are very theoretical and some are quirky. The actual results will really have to be tried to know the authenticity. Effective audio accessories are recorded and collected into a collection for easy sharing with readers.


In the process of calibrating the sound, it is best to remember how effective each improvement program is, and if it is worse than before, it may be impossible to implement, or this method is not suitable for your existing system. For example, it is necessary to use nails, shock absorbers, and use team parts properly and properly, otherwise it will be too short. I hope that readers will accumulate valuable experience after trying more, and when they encounter problems, they can understand the right medicine.

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