The country's largest LED lighting demonstration project was completed in Shaanxi Automobile

On January 16, the LED lighting renovation project of the Shaanxi Automobile Group General Assembly Plant was completed and put into use, and was awarded the LED lighting demonstration project.

It is understood that this is currently the largest LED lighting demonstration project in the country. Shaanxi Automobile Group is one of the 200 key energy-using enterprises in the province. It promised to achieve energy-saving 6,000 tons of standard coal by the end of 2010 in the 11th Five-Year Energy Conservation Responsibility Letter signed with the provincial government. In July last year, they invested 3.3 million yuan, through market research, trial testing and bidding, and finally determined the quality of the national LED lighting industry product quality and credibility of Xi'an Linzi semiconductor lighting company to the total assembly plant 1548 盏 250W tradition The metal halide lamp was modified and fully converted into an 80W Led Lamp under the condition of ensuring illumination. After the completion of the renovation, the illuminance of the production area of ​​50,000 square meters has been greatly improved, from 65 to 90. The power saving effect is very obvious. After the actual test, the power saving rate reached 73.5%, equivalent to 413.7 tons of standard coal. The annual electricity saving fee is 819,200 yuan.

It is reported that after years of exploration, practice and application, high-power LED lighting fixtures have become mature in terms of technology and market, and will replace traditional lighting fixtures, especially Xi'an Linzi Semiconductor, with significant power saving effects. The high-power LED Lamp developed by the lighting company effectively solves the problem of heat dissipation and prolongs the service life of the LED lamp, which lasts for 50,000 hours, which has brought immeasurable effect on the development of the LED lighting industry.

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