The extensive development of instrumentation has led to a reduction in profit margins

China's instrumentation industry has become the second largest producer in Asia, and volume production has great advantages. However, as the problem of technological innovation becomes more serious, it can only be extensive development, and the difference from international advanced companies is also obvious.

Especially after the introduction of the 12th Five-Year Plan, innovation and emerging industries have always revolved around enterprises and become the theme of the future. In order to gain a foothold in many market competitions, extensive development has been very much for the biggest roadblock. Space saving materials and increasing profit margins are urgent matters.

In order to "measure energy saving" to save costs, and promote the enterprise to embark on the road of transformation, users of instrument procurement will inevitably strengthen the supervision and management of product quality. Being eliminated by the market.

In the country, the instrumentation industry is included in key industries for support. Through policy guidance, funds and talents are encouraged to invest in the instrumentation industry to accelerate the development of the instrumentation industry. While striving to achieve major breakthroughs within 5 to 10 years, our instrumentation industry must Strengthen its product quality and after-sales service, and introduce the concept of metering energy saving, implement metering energy saving supervision on its own production, and also play a role in metering energy saving for externally supplied products.

Experts estimate that the domestic instrumentation industry is affected by factors such as low technology content and unreasonable industrial structure. In the next few years, profit margins will be reduced to a very small range, and many companies will have difficulties in their future survival.


Multifunction itself is a characteristic of intelligent instruments. For example, in order to design a digital system with a faster speed and a more complex structure, the instrument manufacturer manufactures a function generator with functions such as a pulse generator, a frequency synthesizer, and an arbitrary waveform generator.


Mini-intelligent instrument refers to the comprehensive application of microelectronic technology, micromechanical technology, information technology, etc. in the production of the instrument, so that the instrument becomes a small, full-featured intelligent instrument.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a brand-new field of computer applications. It uses computers to simulate human intelligence and is used in robotics, medical diagnosis, expert systems, and reasoning proofs.

Looking into the future, as long as the domestic instrumentation industry seizes market opportunities, strives to improve the technological level and content of products, and keep up with the major development trends of digitalization, intelligence, networking and miniaturization of the international instrumentation industry, domestic instrumentation is expected to usher in The industry is rapidly developing and taking off.

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