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On March 18, 2016, Matsushita Electric officially announced that it will participate in the 2016 China International Broadcasting and Television Information Network Exhibition (CCBN). It is reported that the Panasonic booth is located in Hall 3, 3103, covering 160m2. Matsushita Electric will return to the CCBN stage after ten years and will bring a cutting-edge cloud process technology, as well as a variety of launching new products, OB trucks and other strong product lineup. Domineering interpretation of the return of the king!

Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd. Mr. Nomura, general manager of broadcast television system marketing company

Press conference The general manager of Nomura Utsumura focused on the strategic significance of Panasonic Broadcasting and Television Corporation’s return to CCBN and demonstrated the successful case of Matsushita's 4K solutions, system solutions, and network application solutions in the second half of 2015. These cases will be showcased at 2016CCBN, demonstrating Panasonic’s strength and in-depth market appeal. At the same time, Panasonic Broadcast and TV Company also released a new product to be launched in 2016, in particular P2CLOUD, a P2 network application solution. P2CLOUD is the result of technical cooperation between Panasonic and China Vision Guangxin. In the half year since the cooperation in August 2015, through the sincere cooperation of both parties, the development and testing of the Jiangsu Radio and Television Director-ship Lai Chi Yun Project has been successfully completed. This is also the first application case of Panasonic P2CLOUD in China. This is on CCBN. The full program will also be displayed.

Panasonic brings new strong return to the public

In addition, Mr. Dong Dan, 4K product manager of Panasonic Electric (China) Co., Ltd.'s broadcast television system marketing company, introduced the new Varicam LT 4K camera in detail. Mr. Wen Wei, Product Manager of P2HD, explained and analyzed the new products AJ-PX5000MC memory card camcorder, AJ-PX280MC handheld camcorder, and P2 cloud process technology and cases.

Matsushita Glory Returns to CCBN Show for a Decade

Through the overall booth introduction, the overall situation of the Panasonic booth is clearly presented. The clean and simple tone is in keeping with the simplicity of modern people. This time, Panasonic's exhibitions are mainly divided into P2 cloud processes, 4K, systems (including OB vehicles), cameras, and different functional areas of the switchboard. I believe that the return of Panasonic's glory to the CCBN exhibition that has been ten years away will also cause awkwardness in the industry!

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