The new generation of Hisense ULED TV has a ready-made presence

Image quality is the core requirement of TV. The viewers are increasingly concerned about the telepresence and immersiveness of the TV screen. Hisense’s next-generation ULED TV LED65MU9600X3DUC is equipped with an independently developed Hi View Pro quality chip, both in contrast and color gamut. Or, the dynamic range has been greatly improved, and the feeling of being on the spot is ready to come out, just as it is on the spot.

Hisense's new-generation ULED TV passed the most stringent UHD Premium requirements for HDR display performance standards in the world, and surpassed OLED in comprehensive display effect. Of course, the improvement of the dynamic contrast of the screen is also very obvious.

In addition to the perfect picture quality, the sound is also an important element of “presence”, Hisense LED65MU9600X3DUC TV's audio system through the array of eight-drive speaker system and dual engine amplifier, Dolby DD + DTS dual decoding audio processing, brings before and after, around Up and down three-dimensional sound experience, realistic sound effects as if heard at the scene.

In terms of content, users can watch movies, learn, play games, and buy things through Hisense's Haishi Cloud. Mass content provides users with exciting content that can't be seen all year round.

Hisense has created a “live sensation” for users by viewing, listening and playing in all directions. Whether it is a movie theater, a game field, a shopping mall, a classroom or a game arcade, Hisense's next-generation ULED TVs can be turned on and turned on.

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