The road of car charging is full of thorns, teaching you three tricks

As a charging infrastructure for new energy vehicles “gas stations”, charging piles have always been the soft underbelly of new energy vehicles. In the first half of this year, China's new energy vehicles produced nearly 80,000 vehicles, which further highlighted the lag and urgency of charging pile construction.

In terms of new energy vehicles, because of the cost and technical constraints, the installation of a single charging pile is far more complicated than the general parking space. It involves many departments such as electricity, urban planning, transportation, and municipal administration. The technical standards have been reached with car manufacturers, so the difficulty of implementation can be imagined.

Many new energy charging piles are unattended

Since August 3 this year, the first batch of charging piles in Hangzhou has been put into operation in Xiasha. Among the total of 14 charging piles that have been placed, only the 'electric ants' in the high-tech enterprise incubation park and the Dongdongcheng district are charged.

As an investor in electric ants, Li Yuefeng, general manager of Hangzhou Xinghang New Energy Automobile Service Co., Ltd., was slightly disappointed. Why is the "electric ant" unexpectedly left out by the public? Li Yuefeng, who was once confused, once sent people to visit the customer every three to five. “More than 80% of respondents believe that the price of electricity for electric ants is the main reason.”

It is reported that the civilian electricity price is currently less than 0.6 yuan. However, the charging cost of using the charging post is 2.3 yuan. “It’s not a good deal to get a few times worse.” The owner of the car dealer and other respondents thought.

According to the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, since 2009, especially since the city launched the commercialization and application of electric vehicles in the private sector in 2014, the city has built about 6,600 charging piles and five electric field stations, according to service vehicle types and service areas. Different, the city's charging facilities are mainly divided into three categories, including public-purpose, private-use and social public charging piles.

New energy vehicles and charging piles are difficult to match completely

Not long ago, Wuhan first tested the adaptability of new energy vehicles and charging piles. The results announced were astounding. No brand new energy vehicles can match 100% of all types of charging piles. It is reported that this time the vehicle adaptation rate has been tested - that is, the single-brand new energy vehicle corresponds to all types of charging piles. The lower the fitting rate, the more charging piles the brand car can't charge; the charging pile is also tested. Distribution rate - that is, a single-brand charging pile corresponds to all brand new energy vehicles. The lower the fitting rate, the less new energy vehicles can be accepted by this type of charging pile.

According to industry analysts, there are four major reasons for the adaptation of new energy passenger cars and charging piles: some brands of new energy passenger car installed charging interface does not meet the new national standard; some charging pile design is only applicable to a single brand The car; some brand car charging interface is 380V AC voltage, and most of the 220V charging pile voltage does not match; the communication protocol standards implemented by each charging pile enterprise are not uniform.

Guo Liang, general manager of Wuhan Electric Vehicle Demonstration Operation Co., Ltd. said that the conclusion of this test is that the adaptability of the charging pile to the vehicle must be implemented by the same standard. In response to the verification results, some enterprises began to rectify one after another.

The charging compatibility issue was again placed on the table.

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