Tiger4G talks about digital twenty-four: an "entry level" 4K desktop monitor Dell Dell S2817Q use evaluation

Recently from the company out of a previously bought monitor, read the parameters of the 28-inch 4K resolution, calculate the parameters of the current entertainment model OK; check the next model Dell S2817Q, the current price of three thousand, 4K resolution , TN panel, has been used to do multi-device monitor, curious actual performance will also be used to test the effect.

Dell (DELL) S2817Q 28-inch 4K ultra-high-definition built-in speaker LCD monitor 3299 yuan 4k resolution, 2ms tn panel for games Jingdong direct link View Encyclopedia Appearance

Because previously placed in the warehouse, so it did not pack anything, but fortunately the data line is not lost, after all, 4K resolution, no high bandwidth data line will be a little vomiting blood.


The front is a narrow border, but not as narrow as the U or UP series, the border contains the back of the shell are bright surface design, the advantage is a good look at the new camera, but the shortcoming is probably that there is a scratch if you do not pay attention to protection, for example, I There are many scratches on the hand because of improper protection.

Dell's current S and SE series are generally also the ID design, I bought the SE2416 last year, 618 is basically; and S with the SE series of the main entry model, SE2416 also really good value for money.

In addition, we can see from the picture that because of the positioning reasons, the Dell's multi-functional steering bracket was not used, and the back design should not be reserved for the appearance of the VESA mouth.

Data port, USB3.0 HUB is still standard, and the input source supports up to 4 digital ports (HDMI X2, DP X1, miniDP X1)

The installation of the base is still relatively simple, no screw clips are installed, and there are reserved wiring holes in the middle of the base.

If adjusted, only the elevation angle can be adjusted and the height can be fixed.

Trace hole

The positive side of the installation is still very business style. If you turn the bright side into a matte finish, you will feel better.

Display OSD physical buttons.

Screen thickness

experience feelings

In fact, compared to the appearance, let me rather unexpectedly show the effect.

At the beginning, I also said that I had read the model parameters, and the 4K parameter was a bright spot. The TN panel was a little disappointing, but after the actual light test, I found that the screen display effect was actually not bad, if not the natural viewing angle. In fact, the other is not very different from the general entry IPS and VA panels, so it also triggered my curiosity test.

Test: Use the red spider to test the school color first, the screen panel is slightly warmer when the original factory is set, after the color change, the main change becomes reddish.

With the school color file, but for reference only, school color file download address (platform Windows10 + RX480): https://pan.baidu.com/s/1cvhqYa

Panel quality: The test effect is quite unexpected, 98% sRGB, 77% aRGB color gamut, are the color gamut specifications of the current entry-wide viewing angle panel; even the color quasi is also a good level of 1.56; basically with the performance of Dell's own U series Not much worse.

The actual solid-color test, red performance is good, blue, white slightly see uneven, this performance is also considered entry-level products which are quite good.

Light leakage, the previous IPS ancestral leakage certification can only be considered minor.

actual use:

At first, I personally suggested that everyone use the ClearType that comes with the system to adjust the fonts. At present, win10 has a very good personal feeling for high-resolution support. The other major issue is whether the software vendors themselves have targeted optimization adjustments.

Pick up some nightscapes to see the actual grayscale performance

Including movies, the actual performance of color scales and gray scales is OK.

Under high resolution, the actual 100% of 1080P can only occupy a small piece.

Borrowed at the weekend to play under the effect of Civilization 6, Civilization 6 currently supports the resolution of 5K, so 4K is no problem. Before his own use of the monitor with 2K resolution, directly on the 4K, the difference is still quite large.

The machine used is the RX480 8G CF. It is also playable if anti-aliasing is not applied at 4K.

Zooming in on the local maximum, you can see the details of each miracle and have to say that the civilization series really works.

By the way, I haven't played the buttocks for a long time. The advantage of the TN panel is the low response time.

Uses: Before the company mainly used the monitor's built-in PIB/PIP split screen function, of course, when the monitor is used, it can also receive up to four video source monitoring.

The following illustration shows that I have borrowed both computer and TV box video sources.

Simulate the screen size of 4 video sources.

With the windows comes with split screen operation is also very good (win + left and right keys can be)

The ease of use of large-resolution video editing is quite obvious

but. . . In the end it was used by colleagues to do this. . . (Said Dell has a 43-inch 4K is more suitable for doing this, it is also much more expensive)

to sum up

S2817Q this machine is still more interesting, the actual performance of the panel in addition to the viewing angle is still not as good as the wide viewing angle panel, the other color gamut, color accuracy and the like is basically no difference, it may be this wave is used 10bit TN panel With the company's own school color, the actual performance will not be much worse than the entry-level wide viewing angle panel.

Currently, the 4K resolution monitor with a price of around 3K is basically based on TN panels.

Of course, I personally think that if this machine can update the refresh rate to 100Hz, then it should become an artifact.

In addition to the shortcomings of this machine, personal feeling is that the glossy shell is not easy to scratch the maintenance, and no other VESA mouth can not stand.

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