US CPSC recalls Chinese-made LED nightlights and advises consumers to stop using them

[High-tech LED] Recently, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Corvest Acquisition Inc. (now Camsing Global LLC) jointly announced a voluntary recall of Chinese-made LED nightlights and recommended that consumers stop using them immediately.

It is reported that the recalled LED night light is 3.75 inches high and 1.75 inches wide. It contains flame-retardant parts, a white or blue LED bulb and a transparent casing, and a plug can be directly inserted into the socket. The words "Model SBD01", "E314462" and "Made in China" are printed on the white plastic base.

The number of recalled goods was about 10,000. The LED night light will be overheated, burned and melted, causing slight burns to consumers. As of now, Corvest Acquisition has received five reports of overheating, smoking and melting of the LED nightlights, but no casualties.

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