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The huge market for wearable devices has attracted huge crocodile food. Recently, Xiaomi Mobile launched 79 yuan to monitor the breathing and sleep bracelet, Tencent released the WeChat health bracelet. Unlike other domestic wearable devices, the WeChat bracelet is designed to create a centralized data center or data exchange center for user health information, which has caused market attention.

According to industry insiders, Tencent’s slogan “Connecting Everything”, entering fitness and health technology may be just the first step for Tencent WeChat to collect user health information. It is reported that through the combination with third-party manufacturers, WeChat can become a centralized data center or data exchange by using the existing devices and using the health and fitness data collected from other devices compatible with WeChat platform. center.

In addition to Tencent, the earliest layout of healthy big data in China is Alibaba. Recently, Baidu also launched the mobile medical business. The question now is: How big is the business of big data for health?

Li Yi, executive vice president of China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance, said that the market size of health big data in Europe and the United States is 10 billion US dollars. "In China, in less than 10 years, it will grow to a trillion yuan."

Li Yi believes that health big data is the most subversive new industry in the mobile Internet era, and will also redefine the medical industry. In Europe, insurance companies buy wearable devices such as bracelets to customers, and monitor the health of customers in a long-term and real-time manner to reduce the chances of customers taking medicine, entering hospitals, and performing surgery, thus reducing the cost of company compensation.

In fact, not only the Internet giants are concerned about the importance of health big data, but many companies in China have already cut into the market and started to “rush the tide” to develop a healthy big data industry.

For example, Wanda Information and Neusoft Group, through cooperation with hospital terminals, provide monitoring and equipment, hospital management, nurse rounds, and electronic medical records systems to the hospital for development and maintenance, and obtain a large amount of healthy big data.

Some companies also listed health big data as a new direction of transformation. For example, Yi Lianzhong and IBM jointly announced the establishment of the first healthy cloud innovation center for diabetes health management in China in March this year. Through the application of information technology, patient-centered individualized health management, online and offline integration and continuity Health service. A pharmaceutical industry analyst said that Yilian's construction of the cloud platform this year will enhance the company's strength in health big data.

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