What is a switching power supply

Color: #333333">Switching power supply is used to control the switch through the circuit for high-speed pass-through and cut-off. Converting direct current into high frequency alternating current provides transformers with transformers to generate one or more sets of voltages required! The reason for switching to high-frequency alternating current is that the efficiency of high-frequency alternating current in transformer transformer circuit is much higher than 50HZ. So the switching transformer can be very small, and it is not very hot at work! ! The cost is very low. It doesn’t make sense to switch power without changing 50Hz to high frequency
The working principle of switching power supply is:
1. AC power input is rectified and filtered into DC;
2. Control the switch through the high-frequency PWM (pulse width modulation) signal and add that DC to the primary of the switch transformer;
3. Switching transformer secondary inductive high-frequency voltage, rectified and filtered to supply load;
4. The output part is fed back to the control circuit through a certain circuit to control the PWM duty cycle so as to achieve the purpose of stable output.
When the AC power input is input, it usually goes through something like ceremonial flow to filter out the interference on the power grid, and also to filter out the interference of the power supply to the power grid.
When the power is the same, the higher the switching frequency, the smaller the size of the switching transformer, but the higher the requirements for the switching transistor;
The secondary of the switching transformer may have multiple windings or one winding with multiple taps to obtain the desired output;
In general, some protection circuits should be added, such as no-load, short-circuit and other protection, otherwise it may burn the switching power supply.
Mainly used in industry and some home appliances, such as televisions, computers, etc.
The simplest answer is: Control device control circuit on and off.

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