Winning New Year's birthday surprise! Lucky House Millet 5~

On the second day of 2017, this day happened to be my birthday. When I was doing nothing, I received a text message from Aunt Zhang. It turned out that I was lucky enough to win! ! !

This surprise came too abruptly. Lun's family didn't believe it, so I took a look at the private message on the website. Of course! Yes! true! of!

Suddenly happy not do not work, had been in the army before, every birthday to buy a bucket of braised beef noodles, longevity noodles Well, this year's first birthday returned home to receive a surprise Aunt Zhang, thanks Aunt Zhang, ha ha ha ha ha.

"Awarding Speech" was published and the following went into the box:

A SF large parcel, opened with a stringy bubble wrapped in bubble paper ~~~ Why there is no Zhang Aunt's special tape, less capital to force the point.......

Tear-off paper, unopened box

Look at the configuration

When I opened the box, I finally saw the phone, and I was talking about the millet 5, saying that from the time I was 9 years old, I had a razor at the People’s Square and I had a razor (or a manual razor, a shave place). It's kind of ordinary, but the power is manual, a large button can be repeatedly pressed to shave, Dad said that the scraping face hurts.)

I'll stick a steel film to the front of the camera. I've bought my mobile phone before it's ready.

The back of the phone is really smooth. It's almost the same as the piano black of Fruit 7, but this is more concise. In addition to the camera flash, there is nothing superfluous behind it. The logo of MI is not obvious, and the side can be seen.

Accessories inside the box, a type-c data cable, a quick refill, instructions and pick-up pin

Unpacking is done~~~

Mobile phone experience

The mobile phone system is based on Android 6.0 MIUI, the interface is refreshing and clean, especially easy to use, my own mobile phone is just bought, this millet 5 is used for dad, my dad's last cell phone is Google's pro son Nexus5 He bought it when he was just listed. The first Android system was just the beginning. My dad was 50 and spent two days unaccustomed to it. I asked this question every day. Then I brushed MIUI for him from then on. Didn't ask me anything. I'm not rice, but I think MIUI is really good for ease of use.

The best way I have seen a word of filial piety is to let them keep up with this era. What I would like to buy for the old man in the old age is very disgusting. The parents are only physically old, and they definitely want to try something new. . The above font is my father's own change, did not ask me. The main interface below is his own software, followed by two pages of software.

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages: 1, the biggest advantage is of course the ease of use, of course, this point is for MIUI

2, with the fast charging head comes with a quick charge

3, 1599 price with pre-fingerprint recognition

4, all kinds of mainstream features readily available, NFC infrared have

5, black glass back texture is still very good

Disadvantages: 1, stained fingerprints, like Apple Piano Black, with one day full body fingerprint ...

2, back glass can not help but fall ah ...

3, when charging will be hot, playing games is also very hot, do not know if it is a case

Zhang Aunt should have used for two years. It was recommended by my good buddies for me. After that, I couldn't stop it. Several of our couriers were familiar with me. There are almost expresses every day. The price of cabbage. Finally, once again thank Zhang Aunt for the good luck brought me, I hope the next year can successfully find a job, to find a good married woman ~, good luck every year. I wish you all the best friends in the lucky house to get the gift you want~~~~

Buried/blind Via Hole PCB

What are the holes in a PCB called?

Generally, there are three types of PCB vias that we often see:
Through Hole: Plating Through Hole abbreviated as PTH, this is the most common one, you only need to pick up the PCB and face the light, the hole that can see the bright light is the "through hole". This is also the simplest type of hole, because when making it, you only need to use a drill or a laser to directly drill the circuit board, and the cost is relatively cheap. But on the other hand, some circuit layers do not need to connect these through holes. For example, we have a six-story house. I bought its third and fourth floors. I want to design a staircase inside that only connects the third floor to the third floor. It's fine between the fourth floor. For me, the space on the fourth floor is invisibly used up by the original staircase connecting the first floor to the sixth floor. So although through holes are cheap, they sometimes use up more PCB space.

Bvh Pcb Pcba Jpg
Blind Via Hole, which connects the outermost circuit of the PCB with the adjacent inner layer with electroplated holes. Because the opposite side cannot be seen, it is called "blind via". In order to increase the space utilization of the PCB circuit layer, a "blind via" process has emerged. This production method requires special attention to the depth of the drilling (Z axis) to be just right. This method often causes difficulties in electroplating in the hole, so it is almost used by no manufacturer; it is also possible to place the circuit layers that need to be connected in the individual circuit layers in advance. At that time, the holes should be drilled first, and then glued together, but a more precise positioning and alignment device is required. This is Blind Via Hole PCB.

Bvh Buriedblind Via Hole Pcb Jpg
Buried hole: Buried hole, the connection of any circuit layer inside the PCB but not conducting to the outer layer. This process cannot be achieved by drilling after bonding. It must be drilled on the individual circuit layers. After the inner layer is partially bonded, it must be electroplated before it can be fully bonded. Compared with the original "through hole" and "Blind holes" take more time, so the price is the most expensive. This process is usually only used for high-density (HDI PCB) circuit boards to increase the usable space of other circuit layers. This is Buried hole PCB.

Bvh Pcb Jpg

Buried Via Hole Pcb,Blind Via Hole Pcb,Multilayer Blind Buried Pcb Vias,Blind Via Pcb


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