Zhang Rongzhong: Appliance industry will usher in restorative growth

Zhang Rongzhong: Appliance industry will usher in restorative growth This morning, the 2013 Appliance World Expo (AWE) was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Over 400 domestic and foreign home appliance and related industrial chain mainstream companies brought in tens of thousands of new home appliances and products. During the period, Zhang Rongzhong, vice president of Hefei Rongshida Sanyo Electric and general manager of marketing company, received an exclusive interview with the reporter from China National Grid.

Zhang Rongzhong said that this exhibition brought together all domestic and foreign branded home appliance products and brand names. “These products are displayed this year with the following characteristics: First, everyone pays more and more attention to industrial design. I see a lot of new shapes. , Very stylish, beautiful design, and more fashion, the trend of design more international integration of the feeling, whether it is a relatively large domestic brand, or an international brand, the overall design trend tends to be simple and atmospheric; In terms of the use of materials, we are increasingly inclined to the use of new materials, especially the use of environmentally friendly materials. At the same time, everyone may have a common pursuit - energy saving, more energy-saving products, environmental protection and energy-saving products More; In addition, the products displayed this year also have some new features in terms of user-friendly design."

Specific to Hefei Rongshida Sanyo, Zhang Rong said that they also introduced a lot of new products, first of all is the field of frequency conversion washing machines, through many years of work done, Hefei Rongshida Sanyo has walked in front of the industry, this exhibition in the drum frequency conversion new products On the other hand, for example, ultra-thin variable frequency drums and pulsator large-capacity frequency conversion intelligent washing machines have many new products; refrigerators, new products are also very many, since the listing of Timor-level last year, has become China The most growing refrigerator brand. At the beginning of the design of the refrigerator products of the Royale, we have taken a few points. First, the overall design of the product must comply with the international trend: more concise and generous, more fashionable; secondly, the use of materials, the level of technology On the request, Hefei Rongshida Sanyo has a very high demand for product refinement; Third, in terms of overall energy efficiency, choose an efficient compressor, and the intelligent optimization design of the entire refrigerator system, as well as some design of the refrigerator insulation The increase in demand has made our overall energy efficiency very good. At the same time, we have adopted a lot of preservation methods, in addition to more conventional, such as photosynthetic preservation, we also have the preservation of precious metals, cloud preservation technology, can be highly active sterilization odor, to increase the humidity of the refrigerator. In terms of technical breakthroughs in preservation, the exhibition also exhibited some new refrigerator products with the above-mentioned preservation function.

Talking about the future trend of the ice-washing market, Zhang Rongzhong believes that first, everyone's pursuit of quality is getting higher and higher, and high quality is everyone’s common pursuit; second, the use of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies will be a major trend; The smart and industrial design will also be a trend in the whole. “Everybody pays more and more attention to industrial design and attaches importance to intelligence, especially the use of the combination technology of the Internet of Things and household electrical appliances and the pursuit of energy-saving and environmental-friendly materials for energy-saving and environmental protection technologies. These aspects should be the overall trend,” Zhang Rongzhong said.

In 2012, the household appliance industry survived the winter period in which both production and sales growth slowed down. In 2013, what is the trend of the home appliance industry? Zhang Rongzhong believes that, as a whole, the home appliance industry will usher in recoverable growth. “The overall market environment should be It is better than the same period of last year. Under the background of a better overall market, the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry and the upgrading of products should be a mainstream trend.

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