This year, domestic wafer production capacity growth rate may reach 60%

On August 18, Zhou Qigang, vice president of the General Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals Research Institute of Beijing, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from the China Securities Journal that a number of domestic silicon wafer companies have recently announced measures to expand production. It is expected that the domestic wafer production capacity will increase at a rate this year. 60%, the total wafer production capacity reaches about 7GW.

Zhou Qigang said that in 2009, the global wafer production capacity was approximately 10.7 GW, of which China’s wafer production capacity was approximately 4 GW. This year, global wafer production capacity is expected to increase to 17 GW, and China’s wafer production capacity will correspondingly increase to approximately 7 GW. .

Faced with the rapid expansion of wafer production capacity, Zhou Qigang predicted the price trend of photovoltaic products this year. The development goal of the photovoltaic industry is to replace conventional energy. With the gradual release of new production capacity, both wafer prices and polysilicon prices will have Loosening, eventually achieving the overall cost reduction of the industry, but in the current international market supply and demand situation, due to the cost of the photovoltaic industry chain is still high, in the short term, the photovoltaic power generation costs a substantial fall still needs a process.

Zhou Qigang conservatively predicts that in the next decade, photovoltaic power generation will account for about 5%-10% of the total electricity consumption of society, and it will start to replace traditional energy in a real sense, and once photovoltaic power generation can occupy the entire society 5% of the electricity volume indicates that the domestic photovoltaic industry has begun to enter the stage of mass production.

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