Display type

Desktops usually use CRT monitors and LCD monitors :

In general, the CRT monitors are now classified into two types: spherical picture tube and flat picture tube . The so-called spherical surface means that the cross section of the picture tube is a spherical surface. The tube is curved both horizontally and vertically. The flat picture tube is completely flat in both horizontal and vertical directions, and the distortion is smaller than that of the spherical tube. Now that the true spherical tube display has been extinguished, instead of the "right-angled" picture tube, the planar right-angle picture tube is not really a true plane, but the curvature of the picture tube is smaller than that of the spherical tube, close to the plane, and four The corners are all right-angled. On the market, except for flat-screen displays and LCD monitors, these are spherical-tube displays. Because the prices are mostly cheaper, they are widely used in low-end models.

At present, most LCD liquid crystal displays are TFT-type liquid crystal displays.

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