The biggest challenge for non-ferrous metals in 2012 is overcapacity

The high level of overnight deposits by the European Central Bank shows that the liquidity in the market has not eased. Although the short-term Treasuries auctioned successfully in Italy, investors are still worried about whether the long-term Treasury bond auctions can be successfully sold. Such fears pressure the commodity market and plastic futures are The weakness in the fundamentals followed the trend down, but the bottom cost support was strong and the space below was limited.

PE market: The market is generally stable. LLDPE market as part of the petrochemical pricing rose, led the market to stabilize the search, but the downstream factory to accept the general, market transactions improve little, the domestic mainstream quoted at 9200-9500 yuan / ton.

PP market: The PP market in the spot market is normal. At the end of the month, there is not much supply of the market resources. Most traders have small inventories. There are small amounts of RMB 50/ton for the quotation; the market fluctuations are mainly on the whole day, and most market participants are The willingness to wait and see before is stronger.

ABS market: steady increase, business mentality is acceptable. The current market price rose by 50 yuan/ton, and there was no obvious improvement in end-user demand. Most of the orders were purchased on a single basis.

PVC market: Demand is low and the market is down. Downstream demand is unlikely to improve, coupled with the end of the near future, leading to PVC futures difficult to break through. According to statistics from a number of domestic agencies, the inventory of new houses in first-tier cities has risen sharply, and the supply of new houses will increase in the next year, which will be a repressive effect on the future price of PVC. Although recently, because of seasonal factors and other reasons, a lot of economic data in the United States has sent signals that seem to be improving, but if viewed from the overall perspective, after nearly three years of the financial crisis, Washington's policy makers handed over The economic report did not pass the test: The revised GDP growth in the third quarter was recently reduced to only 2%, while the US economic growth rate in the first half of the year was only 0.9%. The report released this month by the UN predicts that the U.S. economy may become the next two years. It only increased by about 1.3%.

Some analysts indicated that the market itself was quite severe in 2011. The European debt crisis and macro-control issues still shrouded the futures market. For 2012, which is about to open a new page, commodities may be in a series of setbacks.

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