How is the Internet of Things technology applied in the smart home industry?

The core and foundation of "Internet of Things technology" is still "Internet technology", which is a network technology that extends and expands on the basis of Internet technology; its client extends and extends to any item and item for information exchange and communication. Therefore, the definition of the Internet of Things technology is: through the information sensing device such as radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensor, global positioning system, laser scanner, etc., according to the agreed agreement, connect any item with the Internet, exchange information and A network technology that communicates intelligently to identify, locate, track, monitor, and manage is called the Internet of Things technology. Today, IoT applications have covered all areas of daily life and industrial production, and are expanding to a wider and deeper field at a rapid rate.

Smart home

Smart home is a residential platform, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home-system design security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate home life related facilities, build efficient residential facilities and family schedule The transaction management system enhances home safety, convenience, comfort, and artistry, and realizes an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment. Smart home is one of the important application methods of the domestic Internet of Things.

Intelligent community

The overall composition of the intelligent community includes the use of electricity information collection, two-way interactive services, community distribution automation, user-side distributed power and energy storage, electric vehicle orderly charging, smart home and other new technology applications, integrated computer technology, comprehensive Multi-disciplinary technology fields such as wiring technology, communication technology, control technology, and measurement technology are integrated applications of multi-domain and multi-system coordination.

The intelligent cell can implement the following functions:

Using smart meter technology to achieve automatic collection of electricity information; Improve the automation level of the power grid and ensure reliable power supply to the community; Power fiber to the table to the home, serving the Internet, the grid and telecommunications network "three networks integration"; Intelligent power service interactive platform to realize real-time interaction between users and power supply enterprises; Demonstrate distributed photovoltaic power generation and advocate clean energy consumption; Configure electric vehicle charging management facilities to meet the needs of residents using electric vehicles; Remote monitoring and control of home appliances to promote reasonable use of energy in the home; Set up a self-service payment terminal to facilitate customer payment; Realize the integration of water and electricity, and effectively integrate the human resources of each operator.

2. Intelligent lighting

The control intelligent lighting system is widely used, and can control the lamps and related items in large quantities and in a large range, and the system can realize the following functions.

2.1 The biggest feature of the automatic control system of lighting is the scene control. There can be multiple lighting circuits in the same room. The brightness of each loop is adjusted to reach a certain lighting atmosphere called scene; different scenes can be preset (to create different Light environment), the fade time when switching scenes makes the light change softly. Clock control, using the clock controller, allows the light to appear as a daily sunrise or sunset or a time-varying change. Automatic control of the lights is achieved using a variety of sensors and remote controls.

2.2 Beautifying the environment Indoor lighting uses scene changes to increase the environmental artistic effect, creating a three-dimensional sense, layering, creating a comfortable environment, which is conducive to people's physical and mental health and improve work efficiency.

2.3 Extending the life of the luminaire The main factors affecting the life of the luminaire are overvoltage and cold shock, which greatly reduce the life of the luminaire.

2.4 Energy saving The brightness sensor is used to automatically adjust the intensity of the light to achieve energy saving. With the mobile sensor, when the person enters the sensor sensing area, the light gradually rises. When the person walks out of the sensing area, the light gradually decreases or goes out, so that the "long light" of some corridors and corridors is controlled to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

2.5 Consistency of Illuminance and Illumination The illuminance sensor can be used to keep the light in the room constant. For example, in the classroom of the school, it is required to have the same light intensity as the wall, and the sensor can be installed separately by the window and the wall. When the outdoor light is strong, the system will automatically weaken or close the light of the window and according to The wall sensor adjusts the brightness of the light against the wall; when the outdoor light becomes weak, the sensor adjusts the brightness of the light to a preset illuminance value according to the sensing signal.

2.6 Integrated control The entire system can be monitored through a computer network, such as understanding the current working status of each lighting circuit; setting and modifying the scene; controlling the entire system and issuing a fault report when there is an emergency.

3. Intelligent security system

An intelligent security system can be simply understood as: a technical system that transfers and stores images, stores and processes data accurately and selectively. In terms of intelligent security systems, a complete intelligent security system mainly includes three parts: access control, alarm and monitoring. The biggest difference between intelligent security and traditional security lies in intelligence. China's security industry is developing rapidly and is relatively popular. However, traditional security is highly dependent on people, and it is very labor-intensive. Intelligent security can realize intelligent judgment through machines. It is possible to realize what people want to do.

A complete security system mainly includes monitoring, alarm, access control intercom, patrol, and broadcasting (mainly for fire protection systems).

4. Intelligent remote control

The intelligent remote control switch not only has the function of a switch, but also has the function of controlling the indoor light while replacing the traditional wall switch, such as full-opening and full-off function, remote control switch function, dimming function, scene function, etc., which can be at home. Control lighting and electrical appliances at any position, and has the characteristics of energy saving, fire prevention, lightning protection, and easy installation. It has gradually become a trend to replace traditional manual switches.

The intelligent remote control has strong practicability and high intelligence, and has the following outstanding advantages.

Non-directional long-distance partition wall control function, generally can cover signal within 10 meters to 80 meters radius, and can penetrate 2 to 3 walls; strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, fireproof, anti-hit Thunder function; with manual switch and remote control switch two modes, which not only enhances the convenience, but also inherits the original habit; power-off protection function. In the event of a power outage, the switches are all off. When a new incoming call is made, the switch is turned off, no personal injury is caused by the unknown switch state, and energy can be saved in the unattended condition; the home appliance control integration function. At present, the average family is troubled by the remote control. Now only one remote control is needed, and the control integration of the indoor air conditioner, the television, the electric curtain, the sound, the electric button, and the like can be realized, and a smart home system is formed; the overload protection function is realized. There is an overcurrent protection device in the remote control switch; when the current is too large, the fuse will be disconnected first to protect the circuit below.

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